Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In the weekend I played rugby and touch, it was cool. I played with my cousin, they are next door. We went to play on the field put I was watching my sister and my cousin who were playing when I was on my bike.
When I was watching them I went across the road back home to get a drink for them. As I was going home I crashed into the tree and I got a scratch on my leg. I went across the road and I was crying all the way to the field. After that a boy came and played. He was in my cousins team and they were playing rugby.
Finally we went home to have a snack, then we went back again and they played touch, it was fun. The boy came to my house before my big sister and my Nana came to my house too.
Finally I had a shower and I was singing when I had a shower, because it was dark and the light would not come on.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glee Story

When my friends and I started Glee it was so cool. We worked hard to be in Glee. Sarona, Martha, Efilona and I we was so happy.
This year is different to last years Glee club and the 'Bring It On' dance crew came to Glee this year and they taught us some dance move. We had a picnic with everyone in Glee club, because it was the last day of Glee Club for Term 1.