Tuesday, October 23, 2012

class trip

The class went on a field trip to glen bray to learn more about art. the teachers of glen bray showed pictures of there students art .Suddenly the light went off and back on I wondered what happened?

on lunchtime rose sat by a tree . She heard something so she turned around and this man in a black suit  as the man grabbed  her the boy saw and ran told the teacher and ran out and the kidnapper drives off .The little boy chases after them on his bicycle?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sleep over?

Once there was a family with 10 daughters    they had to go and stay at their grandmas house for one day. This girl got adopted and the step sisters loved her but there were twins that hated her because they thought that she was mean. One day they went to the grandmas house and they wanted to camp out side so they camped next to a small graveyard. Then she saw her last name on the grave and she was so scared but they went for adventure and she knew that they were her great great great grandparents and she knew that her dad was there somewhere.

While on their adventure they rode a boat down a river, suddenly there was this big cave with a coffin and she knew that was her dads coffin and she was crying and crying and the ten girls were still on the boat and then something dragged her to a box full of pictures of her grandparents and her father, It was a big box and the girls were trying to rip it and luckily the twins had a sharp knife on their hats so they cut the box open and dragged the girl out onto the boat. When they went back the other twin was missing and then she appeared from nowhere so they traveled back.


The grandma went to get the shopping,  While she was gone the ghost of her father set a fire and the  the house burned down the the 11th  girl was in there and one of the twins ran in and gave the girl her jacket and sacrificed her life for the girl and the other twin was crying inside and she was a ghost that's why she wasn't here on the first day.

Her real mum came because she was a ghost and the fathers family was bad and they told the mum she was a ghost because the dad killed her and burned the house thats why she got adopted from ten girls but the twins died just for the adopted girl.

The end.

Monday, October 15, 2012

In the holidays I went to riverside camp and it was amazing .
on thursday we had a food fight and it was pouring wet but we stilled have food fight.
when we started jonathon put porridge and murde in my t-shirts. and lee but soup noodles on my face and I was laughing and it was pouring rain.
an we was running around trying to get them dirty or wet there was this big bin filled up with wet sponges  and there were throwing it at there faces .
that was my best day ever.!