Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book review

BOB the Builder

This story is about Bob who is a builder that lived in a house. He always ate fairy bread to settle his nerves. One day he came back from work and his house was to clean and shinny. So he was finding away to get rid of the fairy's because the house was full  dancing elves that was cleaning after him.
To be continued......

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Kabaddi is aggressive and skilful game that indians and other people play. You need to have the agility and strength to speed threw the kabaddi game.  The indian game a loud's you to takle and defend your selves.

Kabaddi is known as attacking the object but returning safely to the other side.  The world kabaddi is original name kai ( hands ), pidi ( catch) and Sanskrit means holding hands. They have to have a strategy around the squared field so they can win a point for there team. This Kabaddi game have not change since  but  we discovered that this game is 4,000 years old. It is a very popular game in the south asian and in indian villages. Kabaddi test’s how fast you are from getting away from the linked up object.

They use rugby takle's and wrestling skills to get the person down and win a point for your team in kabaddi. They participate  in America, England , Iran , Italy and other parts of the world even new zealand. Kabaddi starts with 4 people linked up. As they are linked up one of the person from the other team has to tag one of the linked up up person. Trying to get to them the linked up person has to either takle them down or hold them back from getting pasted the line.

Kabaddi has a squared field. So the player trying to get away has to side step and dodge them to get across the line. While dodging we have to hold one breath to there and back. Now you know how to play and how to defend yourselves when your playing kabaddi.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sisilia animation of the commonwealth

Quiz 6

Amanda Billing is a actress that plays Sarah Potts on shortland street. A old friend of her called Yvonne Jeffries  was  also on shortland street along time ago. She introduced her to shortland street than they started acting and she became famous.  Also in her character her and t-k haves a baby called tilly they are a little family.

In her character was so sick. Sarah was investigating a sick virus that was spreading around the Area.  Well investigating she was to late to find a cure to save other people and herself. Her fans were so sad that she died from a cold virus but luckily in real life she's still alive.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Workshop- Madd messanger

Workshop is a girls group that we have every Wednesday. In the the last few lesson's we have learn to take responsibility of our selves. We help each other to know our goals in the future. Some of the girls in out team once to be a nurse and a dancer. Workshop is a place that our girls can talk about where there from and share it with the world. Caroline is our Teacher and in the last few weeks we have known our culture roots, body smart, Dreams,  and other more things that helped us. To be continued


Seated waiting until the Kahurangi show to begin. Lights beaming down on to the Kahurangi group as they came out. Lips sealed as the introduced themselves to us they had beautiful costumes that were designed in moari patterns.

Few minutes after the introduced they played a game. They picked out 3 volunteers Mr Goodwin, Korobeau and Auri. The hole yr six to gate clapped as they walked out. Jordan was one of the Kahurangi members he gave out the sticks, also lucky he put them in there spots.

Twisting and turning there sticks they repeated after Jordan he was doing Moari moves with the sticks. As they were flicking there sticks about they had to repeat the squealing sound sound that Jordan did. Everybody was filled with laughter that we couldn't stop laughing when they carry on repeating after Jordan.

Finally it was time to go. They finished off with a little bit laughter and a amazing song. There voice's were so powerful and a fantastic role model. They were funny and beautiful in there amazing designed costumes.

Quiz 5

Robin William was an amazing artist actor. He inspired some people and he is a very funny man.
his death was on august 11 2014, he was also a comedian, screenwriter and Film producer. He has meet famous people and went to the best film shows. he was also in happy feet, Mrs Doubt fire and Licence to wed he was a very inspiring actor.

Algebra (2)

Week4 Quiz

The factor is for people and that have talent and have high pitched voice's. X factor Australia and X factor america had powerful voice's and amazing voice's. Watching X Factor at home is very loud there is some funny singers. X Factor is for people that love to sing in the shower and is loud and not shy. Some people dedicate to there parents or to the people that died in there family.

Thursday, August 14, 2014






Seated with excitement the whole senior school were already waiting for the performance to begin. Stage lights were beaming down onto the Kahurangi Dance Group performers as they came out and introduced themselves, saying that they  came from a from a place  called Hastings in the north area.

After introducing themselves they started off with a song. Every body was so silent while they sang loudly. They had amazing harmonies and perfect pitched voices. They sang their Maari song so loudly and very proudly to us. The Kahurangi performers also had a powerful voices well they were singing.

Clapping for there amazing performance we were wowed by how strong and precise they were. started off with a game. Picking out 3 volunteers they had to act like fierce Warriors and repeat what Jordan the warrior’s moves. The had to take one stick each Korobeau had to stand on the left and Auri had to stand on the right and Mr  Goodwin had to stand in the middle.

Well turning and twisting the stick, Jordan did a squeaking noise it sounded like a rat running around. Know Auri, Korobeau and Mr Goodwin had to repeat what Jordan the warrior did. Well twisting and turning the stick the all did the squealing sound. As they did the squealing  everybody in the hall was laughing I couldn't stop laughing.

Filled with laughter well they were still repeating after Jardon the lead  singer and guit

 After singing there beautiful harmonies we finished off with a amazing moari song.

Friday, August 8, 2014


  1. Steady on the platform, The divers balanced with focus and concentration.
  2. The divers were really focused and concentrated. The divers then jumped off the diving board and landed flat in the water.
  3. Body taut and steady on the platform diver balanced leaped into the air performing a somersault with a minimize splash.


  1. Body taut and steady on the platform the diver balanced. 
  2. Consecrations with focus the diver balanced on the platform timing to precision.
  3. The diver balanced with her body taut she performed a perfectly triple somersault and  well she entered the water with minimal splash.
  4. Diver balanced steady on the plat form as she Leaped into the air well twisting and turning.

  1. The diver balanced steady on the platform. 
  2. The divers balanced with focus and concentration. 
  3. The divers were really focused and concentrated. 
  4. The divers then jumped of the diving board and landed flat in the water. All of their movements were cool before entering the water. 
  5. As they landed in the water they did a minimal splash. 
  6. They were controlling their bodies while they jumped of the diving board. 
  7. They were all balancing of the edge of the diving board. 
  8. They were really good at balancing and they focused really well and concentrating really well a person done a front flip and the rest done a back flip.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quiz- Article

Usain St. Leo Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter he is known as the fastest person alive. He is the first man to hold the first record of 100m and 200m sprint. During the commonwealth 2014 the journalist say's that he said" I think Olympic is better than  Commonwealth games Usain bolt replied" Journalist are making stuff up so that they can get more money. 

Usain Bolt is also known for the fastest hero sprinter in the Olympic games. Usain bolt, Nicola Adam and Tom Daley won the Gold in the  Glasgow 2014.  He is a amazing athlete and a hero to those people who like running and sprinting.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Stan walker

Stan walker

Stan Walker is a Australia new zealander artist and actor. He toured around around Aotearoa and even meet Beyonce at the time he was in America. He inspired most new new zealander singers with his songs and albums.

He also won Australian Idol and also  here is some names of albums that Stan Walker has sang, Who you are and more different song album. He first released his album on 2009 little black box.  


Commonwealth games

1. What were the first team sports played at the Commonwealth Game?

2. What is the Commonwealth Games Motto?

3. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
Saint Andrew

4. Who are these famous scots?
a) Robert The Bruce is a famous Calgary Statue. He was born on July 11th 1274 then he died on  June 7th 1329. He was the most famous warriors of his generation. Also he was leading the wars of Scottish against England.
b) Robert Burns was a poetry and a lyricist writer. He is known as the national poet of scotland and He is worldwide. His death was on july 21th 1796 in United Kingdom known as UK.
c) William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leader. He died on August the 23th 1305. He was born in Elderslie United Kingdom and his height was 1.95


Para 1: Diving is a sport of jumping or falling into the water off a springboard or platform. Diving is a sports that is part or the olympics sports. This event was apart or the olympics sports ever since 1904.

Strength, Kinesthetic, Awareness , Air  Awareness
Para 2: Diving is the most properly olympics sports with the most spectators. The competitors perform the same characters as each other including flexibility, kinesthetic and air awareness. Some or the divers were gymnastics and dances so there Diving, Acrobatics, sports falling into water, platform, springboard, internally inter nathera sport., part of olympics since 1904, spectators , Popularuse to what they perform because it kind or the same thing as diving.

1 meter 3meter springboard, diving comps, Platform, Olympics, no 1 meter diving.
Para 3: Steady on the platform she has to do 1 meter diving  and also 3meter springboard. focus was to perfectly 1m and 3m for the divers. There was also no 1 metre dive well standing on the platform for the Diving competiters for olympics.  

preform, numbers diving, summer slats , twist, judge, all aspects, a of splash made, entry of water. Para 4: As the driver jumped off she twisted and made a splash of entering the water. The judges score the competitors by there twits and all the aspects. Also it is scored by the splash that has been made for the entry or the dive.

Trip To Town

Stepping into the entrance the theatre looked like a fairy tale palace.
it was so beautiful and it also had different kind of designs on the walls. There were 2 golden lions on the sides of the theatre. Lights from the lions eyes flicking blue to green.

Seated already waiting until the show began. “Anamei whispered across Ane and Chloe ” Sisilia look up” . I raised my head up and all I can see was shinning star's beaming down on to the seats making the theatre look even more beautiful. Well everybody was seated and quiet the show began.

Curtains up and the show began.

The animated story was about a little boy who’s mum was a airplane, is he kidding I thought to my self!. Zooming around the air with his mum the hot sun was beaming down onto them making there day brighter. Mummy airplane flys around well her little son drops mail down so that the people can open.

She flyed to the eiffle tower and gave her a big mail than she flyed to the rocky snowy mountains and dropped off loaded ice skaters so they can skate around them. Than after a long day she got caught up in a grey stormy cloud to be continued......