Friday, August 1, 2014

Trip To Town

Stepping into the entrance the theatre looked like a fairy tale palace.
it was so beautiful and it also had different kind of designs on the walls. There were 2 golden lions on the sides of the theatre. Lights from the lions eyes flicking blue to green.

Seated already waiting until the show began. “Anamei whispered across Ane and Chloe ” Sisilia look up” . I raised my head up and all I can see was shinning star's beaming down on to the seats making the theatre look even more beautiful. Well everybody was seated and quiet the show began.

Curtains up and the show began.

The animated story was about a little boy who’s mum was a airplane, is he kidding I thought to my self!. Zooming around the air with his mum the hot sun was beaming down onto them making there day brighter. Mummy airplane flys around well her little son drops mail down so that the people can open.

She flyed to the eiffle tower and gave her a big mail than she flyed to the rocky snowy mountains and dropped off loaded ice skaters so they can skate around them. Than after a long day she got caught up in a grey stormy cloud to be continued......

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