Thursday, July 14, 2011


On Wednesday Room 14 and 13 went on a trip to Motat. Before we hopped on the bus we all went to the hall to figure out what groups we were in. We also got to meet our parent helpers. Mele’s Aunty was taking care of our group. Without them we weren’t allowed to go. As we jumped off the bus we could see Stacy waiting for us by the door. After introducing herself she said, “Follow me.” We walked behind her in our class lines. I felt happy and excited about being at Motat!

First we went into the tactile dome. Room 14 went in first Juanita’s group was the first to go in. Eventually it was time for my group to have a turn. We had a look around at the olden day people. They were amazing. Afterwards we went into the mirror maze, which was next door to the game room. I could see 129 reflections of myself in the mirrors. I got lost in the middle of the maze until Martha came and grabbed me and together we ran to the finish line. then we had lunch and we went in to the room.

We had another look around Motat just before we had to leave. The bus was waiting for us on the side of the road. On the way back to school I thought about all the old buses and trains that other inventions I had seen. I really enjoyed the fun we had. I’m looking forward to going back next Term.