Sunday, November 18, 2012

thanks giving

On Sunday we had thanks giving in tamaki community church .they perform dancing and singing we played games . The Samoans an the Fijians performed was a great day every body was happy .we sange some songs it was a nice day and we ate nice food and it was someones birthday?.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seated Vollyball

As I dragged my amputated limbs across the line I hit the ball with 3 strikes . When I was watching them the court was smaller.Than net.Attacking the ball as it went over the net as it hits the ground.then the other team spiked with teamwork as it hit the hit the ground when it went over the net .as with victory and defeat served it when the hit it out.slipping and sliding around on our bottom when its gets hotter.when they won one of them said I love volley.

Monday, November 12, 2012


guess what we did on weekends ?!. when I entered rainbow ends we had a riske band so they know that we aren't allowed here.the first activity was the paired ship it was fun but I got butterflies in my tamie.the pirate ship was terrified and the pirate ship went up and down up and down and it went higher and higher and then it slowed down I was so terrified . after that it was time for the go carts I went on and the staff told us the rules and we went around 10 times and as I was going to park the go cart my cart slowed downed it had know becherel .


athlatics was so fun, the first activity was throwing it was fun I played with my old friends and the teacher for my group was ms clark .