Friday, August 17, 2012

sausage sizzle

1: Entering the classroom I so room 15 cooking and the other haft doing there work.As they were cooking they were chopping onions  it made there eyes sure  .chopping onions the juice scrows out like a worm geting crush . the onion looked like the olymic rings and it taste not that good but I just like onions.

2: When we finished doing the onions we had to do the sausages we flipped them over . And as they flipped the sausages over  some of the sausage were hot.I can smile the sausages wafting threw the air and and I can nearly smile it from room 17 .sausages are really nice with onions but some of my class likes no onion just sauce .

3:then it was lunch time and mister marks gave the eople who ayed for it but he told me that if you want a sausage sizzle you can pay for it a nother day or you can ay 50c or 10c,20c.i

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Last week on monday lunch we had training as the bell rang for launch all the girls groaped their bags and rushed outside like animals. Then we went and got changed as we so Ms vaafusanga we helped carie the tags,belt  out .When we were walking we was talking about what to bring when we going to ourgames. She told us to bring mouth-garde, black shirts,and lunch after Wednesday it was thursday and we had training we went to the point england beach field it was nearby point england and as we entered the gate it was murdy so my team put their and we trained every single day until it reached Wednesday the 8th it was too wet so it was canslie and everybody had their gear but after lunch the sun came out and it was windy.

Sisilia @ Pt England School: Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem....

Sisilia @ Pt England School: Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem....: Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem. : R espect other people when you are around them... b E nice to visiters ... everyone S ...