Friday, August 17, 2012

sausage sizzle

1: Entering the classroom I so room 15 cooking and the other haft doing there work.As they were cooking they were chopping onions  it made there eyes sure  .chopping onions the juice scrows out like a worm geting crush . the onion looked like the olymic rings and it taste not that good but I just like onions.

2: When we finished doing the onions we had to do the sausages we flipped them over . And as they flipped the sausages over  some of the sausage were hot.I can smile the sausages wafting threw the air and and I can nearly smile it from room 17 .sausages are really nice with onions but some of my class likes no onion just sauce .

3:then it was lunch time and mister marks gave the eople who ayed for it but he told me that if you want a sausage sizzle you can pay for it a nother day or you can ay 50c or 10c,20c.i


  1. I like your smilies
    from mahalia david street school

  2. I don't think I will be able to chop an onion again without thinking about worms. Yuk! Great use of simile Sisilia and I am happy to see you using your planning to try and create paragraphs about one idea.

    Next time you write remember that you don't need to number the paragraphs.

  3. Hi Sisila,
    I Love Your Story But I Think That You Could Go Back And Edit It Because There Are Some Mistake In There But The Rest Is Great Keep It Up.