Wednesday, March 27, 2013


With  excitement  I  was  waiting   for  my turn. It  was   nearly my turn and as I waited I was feeling chilly and wet . When I came up the  steps I heard chatter echoing.when it was my turn I was  happy  when I went in the  pitch black  I was tumbling down the slide and I went back . I

t was scary at first but they gave us clues on the speaker. It was fun but I nearly cried because I was the last one holding sesalina at the back.
We went threw the letter and we had to crawl through a cave. then we had to slide down a long slide. And out at the exit lucky we got out and it was time for the other girls turn .

As we finished going through all the girls there were 2 girls missing they were still in the pitch black activity . Then the coach told us that he was going to get the girl and as he went in to get the girls he went in with a torch light. Then he got the girls out and said” thank you to him .
It was fun meeting him, Then we had to go and do another activity we were going in the maze. It was a marria maze we were running around and trying to found a way out.

Hot Stuff

Main problem:Hot stuff mean that this boy call harry he came home from school. He saw a van in the driveway. On top of the van he saw a huge round doughnut , big enough for a lion to jump though.Then he ran inside to his mum and he said “where’s the car “Then Mum replied “dad sold  our car for the van..Then harry looking at his mum.

Solve the problem first he so a van  that the dad sold for the car and harry was angry at mum but it was the dads . After the dad was in the van and he crashed and harry said wow .harry had no hot stuff now.

Did you like it and would you read it again:
yes I really enjoyed hot stuff because it kind of interesting for me to read and I will read that story again.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This is from my studdylader reading.

My Weekends

On saturday me and my sister went to my nana’s house to meet my cousin .
As we got there we had to clean up my nana’s room. After that we had to clean the garage it was dirty  because there were a lot of bees flying around. My sister and my cousin carried the bed outside. And after we finished we got the bed and we got the chairs and the pillow.

It was cool then we had to clean my cousin’s room it was dirty. We put the clothes in the washing and her rubbish in the bin then we moved the tv to the corner. Then we clean the Kitchen my sister sesalina she did the dishes and my cousin she had to clean the floor. So when we finished cleaning we went  to the shop to get stuff to make dinner. Walking to the shop we went threw a old mans house threw the back and pas old trees then we crossed the road to the shops.

After we got everything we needed we walked back we went pass old trees and we saw the old man sitting there reading a book and we saw old cats everywhere there were a lot of cats around. then we walked back  to my nana’s house. It was fun staying there then it got boring we just sat there and watch tv . Then it was getting late we went for a bath then we went sleep.

Then we rang my dad and said” can you pick me and sesalina up from nana’s 5 times. But he didn’t pick up. it was fun staying at my nana’s and I told my nana that me and my sister are going to stay for ester with them. The end

Friday, March 22, 2013

Old Homeless Woman

I’m looking out my window. I saw a homeless woman scraping  the last scraps out of a tin can. She stayed near a derelict building across some old shops. As she traveled around the place she carries with her , her luggages and an  oversized bag filled to the brim.

Traveling around the place she goes through trash because she’s starving.   She wears old worn pair of shoes red and black tartan skirt  that was her only belongings. As she looked across the road she so a  solitary figure.

On raining days she wears a large waterproof jacket with her.starving over night she walks around trying to get food.sitting down she see’s People walking across her eating. she found an half eaten pie with a half eaten sandwich in it too.

So she walked towards the derelict building with the bag of food  and sat down sat down on  the ground. As she went to open the bag she heard a noise coming from the derelict building.

Then some a boy was smashing bottle near the old shop .
He was coming towards her. then he ran away with her scraps .
But luckily it wasn’t her oversized bag.

Then she traveled to another derelict building with all her stuff.
She carried her only belongings with her and found a little bag of some food in it. She found an old worn shoes inside an old shop.
Some old socks that she found left in front of a shop.
 The end


Friday, March 15, 2013


I can't wait until we get there.

As we got there we waited until Mr J put up the tent. We put our bags on the side and we got one glove and a ball and practiced catching. I threw the ball to Laita and she threw it to Quziah. Then she threw it back to me, and we were passing it around.

Then Mele played with me. We were throwing it hard and high and soft, It was fun practicing. Then it was time to play. The year 8s went left  to the their field and the year 7 girls went to the right field. As we were walking I helped Quziah  lift the gear to the right side of the field .

We challenged Parnell District school first. They were in year 7 too. As we started playing Ms Vaafusuaga was our coach and the leader had to do  rock, paper, scissors. Our captain was Hope. She had to flip the coin and it landed on the side that Hope picked. It was our choice but we picked to field.

Running on the field getting in their order, Hope was the pitcher, Annliz was base 3, Serenity was base 2 and Laita was base 1. It was time for the girls to bat. As she  batted the ball it was a strike one then she batted it again and she hit it up Hope caught the ball and threw it to Laita on base one. She caught the girl and tagged her with the ball.

When we were fielding we got 3 outs and it was our turn to bat the first batter was grace, she batted it and threw her bat on the ground and ran to base 1 and she was safe.  the n Annliz did the same thing and ran to base 1 and grace ran to base 2. Then when laita batted she ran to base 1 and Annliz ran to base 2 and Grace ran to base 3 .

When Mele batted the ball it went far out  and Laita ran to the other base and Grace ran to the finish and Laita ran Annliz ran and Mele ran and the were all safe it was a great finish. Then we had to meet the player's so we lined up on one long line and we had to say" great game as we were hi fiving them along the line. Then it was time to challenged Churchill Park and other school it was amazing meeting them too .

Then on our last game we were batting it was my turn to bat .
I batted the ball and the pitcher caught it and threw it to base one . I ran as fast as I could to get to the base I was safe. As the game was going everybody from my team had a bat it was amazing.

Then we had to meet the other team and we waited until the year 8 girls to finish as they finished they had one more game they were fast pitching the other team it was fantastic. As we walked to chair the year 8 Jaylee was batting she had a nice hit and then she ran to base one .

Then  it was Makarita turn to bat she batted the ball high and ran to base one and Jaylee ran to base two. Then it was Shoal then it went on until the the other school try to get three outs. Then the year 8 got to meet the other schools that challenged

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Picnic day

On Friday Pt England school went to the beach to have a picnic. First we found a tree to put our classes bags next to. Laita, Mele and I were juggling.  
“It’s  the year 7/8’s turn to swim at the beach.”
Efilona helped me make a sandcastle as The year 7/8 was swimming I didn't want to swim because I had a headache  .Then Martha’s Auntie came to the picnic and Martha had to look after her aunt's kids.,Then she did.  Her Auntie  went to the shops and came back with Martha’s mum.Finally me and Martha had time to go and play.We went and played  with Chloe . As we were playing we made a water castle .

I ran to Laita so we can play softball with Nu’u she is Sarona’s big sister . It was fun playing with her. I was batting as I was batting the ball went throw the fielders legs and they tried to throw it base 1 so they can get me out . As the ball was coming towards base one I already touched base one with my leg. The ball hit me on the shoulder it was so but I still ran to base 2 then I ran to base 3 then I ran to the finish and I had a point for my team. It was Nu’u’s turn to she batted it far away and she ran two the 3 bases and ran two the finish I was shouting as she was running “ GO NU”U ”. Then it was time for launch time .

Walking towards my bag I shouted “ Oh NO “ where is my bag I was finding behind the tree’s I thinked to myself did I leave it at home ? Then Efilona came and told me that left my bag near the toilets.
I was running towards the toilet I so my bag nowhere there so I ran to Martha and my bag was just there I was lucky no one stilled my bag.I got my bag and I ran to nu’u But I sat down by myself and I just drinking water because I wanted to play Volleyball.

So I ran with Mele to play Volleyball with the year 6 . It was fun I hit the ball over then Asena spiked the ball to the ground it was one point for there team . Then it was there serve again.As they served the ball over to us it Misted the net net and it fall on the ground.

When  Mr Burt called  Pt England to come and get their bags and sit down. He said” that we are going back to school, then we walked back.
I felt amazing but sick it was cool.