Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What  are you looking forward to the most about camp?
I look forward for camp for the Activity like swimming at swimorama and kayaking on PT.England beach will be so cool and funny because we can bush them of the kayak and we start laughing.

And  I really like meeting new friends because they are so funny and cool sometimes we have a fight but we get back as bff.I really excited for camp this week but this week is different because we news to go away to rock climbing and back but we have to do the PT.England activity now . I am looking forward for this hear camp and it will be so much fun for me and my friends.

what are you nervous about most in camp?
I am nervous about camp is preforming a dance for the concert and I am nervous about camp is finding out you is sleeping in the camp with other children's that we have to meet and be friends that i don't now. and I really really nervous
about sleeping out side that is pretty scary for me to sleep in darkness.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sisilia movie

In the hall

On Monday we went to the hall with Ms M then we saw Mr Marks setting up ropes and cones.After that Mr Marks was explaining what to do and where to go but we had to be blind fold. It was girl vs boys and we were so excited to have a turn  
The first one was Henry he keeps falling  when hes walking and we keep laughing.Then it was Aldora and Ana they were so funny because Aldora keeps laughing at Ana.then it was the next children and next and next then it was me and Sarina’s turn  we were so nervous.

first we went up the on the bench after that we went pass the ropes over the big wheel and Sig sag around the cones and under the blue sheet and over the mat and up the steps suddenly I fall down the steps when I was going up  and my knee began to hurt then as I got up the stage we had to jump of the stage and on to the blue felt like I was going to jump of a cliff.and I felt so scary. then it was my turn to do Sarona it was funny because Sarona was so funny.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

sisilia picnic

On Friday it was picnic day for how hole school . As we started walking  along a line Mr Burt was leading us to point England beach. wear we have the picnic. And it was fun. because people was convoy  of chaotic crazy children's running around the Field .  As we were walking suddenly it was about to rain but we still  walked in a line and  children were still running around and talking then we got to the beach.

Mr Burt was telling us the rules where to go and why because
When we got there Mr Burt  told the hole school wear to play,sit,eta.and go toilet. Then when he finish  explaining we all started to find a please to sit and when we finish finding a spot to sit on we started to play around the field and when we were playing around I saw efilona she was next to the music and it was to loud that I couldn't hear efilona speak. and when we were siting down and listening to music we were so tired that we wanted to go down to the beach.

As we got there I saw wakatere. bronq martha they were playing together . And then I saw Kaycee  playing by her self on the water and I wanted  to go  play with her so I did.Then me an Kaycee were playing throws she always throw it to the deep end. and then I went to the sand and I saw a ball and I thought I am alwayed to play with it so I talk it . then I went in the water and we rolled it to each other then  Kaycee throws the ball to the other side of the deep end and me and Kaycee had how uniform on so the teacher didn't let me and Kaycee get it. Suddenly Mr Harris came from no wear and ran in to the beach and he saw the ball and he started to run in the beach and he reached for the ball and he got it and he throw it to Ms V and Ms V grueled at Kaycee and Mr Harris was splashing water at me and Kaycee when Ms V went.

After that we went up to the field and we were so hungry then Mr J said " there is same fruit fall you 's . and there were plums apple peaches" an water. when I got a fruit It was so yummy and I had five plums and one peach. and it was good.

before it was so fun because we had no school work so on picnic they was like a free time we get to do everything and we get to play around a and listen to music that was my best day ever.
I felt excited on the first they of picnic it was so fun and my hole school gets to play every wear cool. the end