Friday, November 29, 2013


Hook! It’s time for Assembly now lets get to class before we turn up late.

Rrring,Rrring went the bell its time for Assembly. So I ran towards my class room and  token off my shoe’s and sprinted inside to hang my bag on my chair, Waiting until the second bell rang Ms Lagitupu marked the roll. Marking the roll the second bell rings “,Rrring , Rrring “, so Ms Lagitupu told us to wait outside. We started walking towards the hall.

Everybody is settled now so we can start now. We started off with the seniors pray in maori. Than  Crusader did a korero and his mihmihi and we all cheered and clapped for is amazing korero. Than We had to girls coming to our school there names were Sidney and her friend. They were helping Mr Burt hand out the certificate's to the seniors and the kids. 

The were lots of certificates to hand out we had lots. Clapping and cheering as they all walked off the stage to there sit down on the ground in a line so when assembly is finished they can go straight to the library to get their present. Than Sidney hand her friend started singing a song for us it was amazing they had a very nice voice. The End

Friday, November 22, 2013

I heard a whisper but no-one was there

Hook: what is so mysterious thing  about that house?

“Hey mum  I finished puting the furniture in the room so I'm just going to head off to my bedroom to listen to music” Okay honey she replied.So I set off to my bedroom when mum was going to make breakfast.

I walked towards my room than I layout on the bed Knock, Knock who is it go away I'm tired than my little brother ran in with muddy foot prints all over the floor eww  I'm going to tell on” MUM” I shouted  get out of my room Tony as  Tony sprinted of to mum.

Than I ran to my bedroom and layout on my bed aah that's better. As I grabbed my headphones I turned on the song  and started humming the beats as I feel asleep. Mum shouted” five mins until Breakfast”.So Dad said to me as he opened my door Nicky may you help “ sure” What do I have to do Dad asked “ Dad , can you stack the boxes so he gave me 6 but dad gave me to at a time  finished  Dad.

So we finished taking the boxes to the basement “ Mum shouted Breakfast is ready so I walked towards the kitchen and rinsed my hands with soap. I sat and at all my ceariall up and my juice , Beep ow that's the school bus hurry” So I quickly ran to the bus. Beep beep went the bus as we hopped off . Hours went by its 3:00 home time.

Dad picked me up and we went straight home,  as I got off I I walked towards my room. hehehehe who goes there”than a shadow comes who’s Tony I said is that you hehehe I heard someone giggling I see aaaaaaahhhhhhh I scream running to my bed room hiding under my sheet holding on to my teddy bear.

Its dinner time mum shouted as I ran quickly fast to dining room aaah ow is just you and your teddy. So as we ate I heard the voice again Mum can you hear something I asked she replied just eat your food. I'm full now wait Dad said" can you go and find the torch light in the basement please sure. I shivered with fear as I got my torch light and rand down throwing everything every where.

"aaaaaahhhhh" I shouted what do you want as tears ran down my face so I saw a large room I opened the door "aaaaaahhhhh"I screamed aaaaaahhhhh Tony and his friends screamed ow is just you I'm telling running up the stairs shouting Mum mum. The End

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspiration

Hook? Rrrring ,Rrrring went the  First bell. Its time to go class hurry guys we are nearly late as we crossed the road and ran towards our classes.

Its Time to do the roll as Ms Lagitupu called the roll. Rrrring, Rrrring went the bell everybody outside we have to go to the hall to meet the visitors, so we ran out side of class and grabbed our shoes and and put it on. As we got there we all sat on the set and they started interducing  there self , Hi I’m Ashlee Hi I’m Mosa Hi I’m Tristan Hi I’m Kane Hi I’m Emma and we are Future Aspiration visitor.

So we had to go in our groupsso there were Year 8 in the street and year 7 in the hall with jristan , Kane , Ashlee. And we learned about what are we going to do in the future!. So Tristan was the first one he wanted to be a matth-matic he was so brainy he new lots of stuff about maths and shapes it was awesome.he token some pictures with him and put it on the screen so everybody can see. he had lots of pictures with him reading books. 

it was always some it was look like 12 books or more. than he told us that dream can be real if u stick to it than he finished with around of a paws it was awesome.

To Be Continued

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletic Day Hay

Hook? “Hay everybody Its Athletic’s day for our school so we need to get dressed hurry”

We all rushed to school like we were animals running around the zoo. We were so excited “Hi” sarona,Ane, Helen,  shouted running towards me and Efilona and Flora we were going to get dressed in the bathroom. The Bell was rang across the path way lets go and get dressed.  Running towards the pathroom door. As we walked into the the girls toliets there were lot of girls getting change so we waited until they were finished.

The girl started to go so we quickly went inside the toliet to get dressed.“Finished” I shouted waiting for My friends to get dressed.” Rrrrrring, Rrrrrring” went the bell again its class time “ bye Sarona , Ane, Efilona ,Chloe I was running with Fora to class. As we got there we started getting ready Ms Lagitupu started righting the house colours in Maori and our year than she told everybody to line up outside.

Than we Mr Burt started doing our cheer’s Than after that we started walking up to doing up to go to our first activity. first one we were with Ms long throw with the softball ball we had to throw the ball as far as we can so we can come 1st 2nd 3rd place so I Throw the ball as far as I can and I came first place than we going on and on than girls started beating me. In my head I was shouting “ NOOO”, so we went on and on I was in the year 7 group for the activity’s.

We all went in our year group. To

be continued.......