Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

Hook? walking to the other side of the field I was excited to start.

Each Wednesday for two weeks we had touch Rugby. Our coach’s name is Kevin. He told us the rules. The  rules were: throw forwards and backwards but if we drop the ball then its hand over. Then he told us to get in groups of three or four. We got the blue bands. Kevin told us to challenge the red team. but first we practice passing and defending , It was pretty hard to catch the ball but finally it was time for a real game .

As we got on the field TJ started  running with the ball. He passed it to uili and uili pass it to T.J then he ran towards  the try line and T.J throw the  ball to me and I catched  it  and ran to the tryline but Tauwhare was so fast that she caught me. It was fun then Kevin told us to challenge another team.

The next team we were playing was the yellow team. As we were playing I passed the ball to Flora and she passed it to one of the boys in the blue team and we nearly got a try but it was hand over because we got touch five time’s.

Then when I had the ball I throw it to flora and the blue team spreaded out on the field so they can throw the ball to our team .and then the other team caught the ball and throw it to patrick and he got a goal . Thats how we lost because we hadn’t won a single game but we did  our best.then it was time for the other class.

It was amazing but we had to finish up . I was so sweaty it was so fun I had heaps of fun. the end

Monday, February 25, 2013

Room 21 thinks about me

They say I’m
skuxx but I’m not.

They even says” that I
’m artist thats true.

They  say” I have
cool hair I don’t.

I have good friends
and I play sports thats true.

I’m short but
they say I’m tail.

I’m Quiet thats true
but only around sister’s

I’m funny only around my
 sister’s and friends.

My Poem

S sportyIIs a good person to talk toS slow listenerI is funnyL lettering art
Iis a good drawer
A Artistic

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fia Fia Assembly

Fia Fia Assembly

I can't wait For them to perform their dance?.

Walking into the hall we all sat down on the chairs .
Then Mr Burt said" etu tato " so we can sing the national anthem.
As we were singing we got some maori bits wrong so Ms teto came and told us how to sing the national anthem properly.

When we finished singing the national anthem , Mr Burt was talking to us about being respectfully to each other and successfully to other performers .

Then It was time for the bollywood dance. I was so shocked when I saw the year 1,2,3,4
teachers performing with dhara even Ms Nuoa . but that was so fun.They told us about their costumes it was so beautiful and I wanted to be in the group but I'm already on another group.

the Assembly was finish and that was cool my favourite part was the bollywood how they danced it was amazing .

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Assembly Fia Fia

Hook?  My heart was beating with excitement because I couldn't wait until they performed   

When I saw Mr Barks  dancing on the stage everybody was laughing. He was so funny that my lungs will pop out. I couldn’t stop laughing but when he stop we all cheered  when he walked down the steps, He even hi5 them .

It was time for 

Henry , Hosanna , Uili , They sang I believe  .I was so excited when they started to sing. As they were singing they all had beautiful voice. I wanted to sing with them but I was to shy. They were singing gracefully and it was so amazing watching them sing in front of the hole school. It must been hard for them performing in front of us.?

Now its time for the dragon. When the dragon was going around in circle in the stage. I can see the little legs walking all over the stage . And the dragon had big fat fake teeth. it was so cool even he had lots of legs like a caterpillar . It was big red and long that was amazing.

Then indian dance time . When dhara came and dance she had a beautiful dress On and sydia too. she looked nice on the stage that was my favourite part of all of it. if dhara smiled she will look pretty.

As the P. E. P. A finished we stilled wanted to watch more. But it was funny and interesting and I hoped that there will be more dancing singing and other stuff happening.

it was so cool that was my best Assembly ever they had all sorts of performing even hip hop . That was so amazing I felt that I wanted to join one of the groups in P. E. P. A.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What If !

If I was rich and famous I will give money out to my family and sick people in hospitals. I will move to Hollywood and give money to the poor . Even help old people around the community.  
Then move back to New Zealand and buy me a new car  and a house with a pool at the backyard.

If I was  famous I will sing  in a concert  and my albums known around the world. Even I will buy presents for people with cancer. I will buy fruits and lots of food for the hospitals . Later I’m going by me and my big sister a plain so I can fly around in the air.

If I was rich I will save up money so I can visit my step mum and sisters and even my nana . after I will buy Ipod Iphone vans and puppie and I will buy another ipod for my mum because she plays on my sister. My sister is already rich and my stepdad and my  brother they have jobs my brother he build houses and my sister she works for the states.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Poem

sisilia funny,shy , quiet , noisy,artistic Sibling of tuki rachel ,soana,mounga, Simon Lover of I love cooking with Naomi, Who fears the darkness because its to dark Who needs my big sister because she looks after me Who gives I hug my friends when I see them Who would like to see my cousin meki because she's fun
Resident of panmure