Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fia Fia practice

On Tuesday we had fia fia practice in the breeze. As we were dancing sela’s sister came with her mum. We showed her our dance and she said it was amazing. she said that she was sorry because she didn’t come until 2 weeks. Then we had to talk about our costumes whos bringing it and whos not. I was wondering if my mum is gonna bring my costume but she haven’t started making it.

After that we had two more dance to go so the first one we had to line up in a long line.
And we had to get ready to walk in and after that we had to stop and we had to walk out again .
then on our second one we had to do all of the dance I was next to ofa because she I was the first one to get of the stage.

As we were dancing I forgotten some of the dance moves and when they dance the other way I dance opposite them. Then we had another dance then I started going the same way as them then we stopped because they needed to edit the music and as they were editing the music it was going fast as then we had to sit down for 20 seconds.

After 20 seconds we got up and they already finishing editing the music and we got on our lines and we had to dance the way in and we did the hole dance after we finished we waited until the little girls go thru then the middle line had to go threw and we had done.

sela’s sister was saying it was cool and she can’t wait until we are on stage.
I had heaps of fun and everybody and the little girls had fun too and we went early and the other groups was still practicing and then the bell rang and the hip hop was still practicing and they were having fun then we went in our class and we waited until the second bell rang .
                                               The end

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homework day the last day

Yesterday I went to the pools with homework club. When Ms Adam told us to walk to the GI pools because there were no room in the van. Saw as we were walking we turned and we walked straightand the tamaki school were punched up and we had to walk on the grass. It was poring with rain and we had to run in as we ran me sarona and ane and sesalina walked inside the pools and we waited until they came.

we were walking in and out and then we got change and we went out side and I saw them coming and noami payedus in and we got changed again because naomi had our clothes. As I jumped in the pool it was warm and takai was telling me if we can go to the little kids swimming pools and we did.
As we hopped in the pool it was so warm and then we hoped out and we went to the big pooland it freezeing cold but we played races with loosy and ane and the other girls.

Then we had to play a under water game we had to hold our breath and see who can old it the longest .
As I was holding my breath I couldn't breath saw I went back up and they were already up the other girls so I won.

When we were playing takai was jumping in the pool and kitiona was jumping to and they got told off that they were not aloud jump off. And then we were swimming and swimming and then I went to the little pool to swim becauseI was cold and we stayed there until we were warm then I went to have a shower the water was cold at first but it went warm.

I had a fun day then we swam down to the rope and back to the stairs and we got out and we to get change because it was going dark.

Then we had afternoon tea we had sauce sizzle and banana cake and drink . It was a fun day going pools I had lots of fun and I meet new friends and they were so cool it was an amazing day we had .
I hoped we did this next term .
The end

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fia Fia Practice

On friday we had fia fia practice in the street and Ms Nua and we used room 22.
As everybody sat down Diana came and talked to us about our lines and where we standing.
I was on the other side of Sesalina and Ana we had to line up in a long line we and to lead the little girls in. Then after that Ms Nua said that we are going to show our dance 6 times. So our first dance we had to go in along line and some of the other girls were on the other side of us.

Then on our second dance some of the little girls forgotten the dance moves and I forgotten some. Then we went in room 22 and we had to talk about our costumes. Ms Nua said “ the girls with no costumes tell her and she wrote our name on a list to check if we have costumes.

My aunty had costumes and my mum didn’t want me and my sister to go to the fia fia. Then Diana told me me that I just need leaves on my hand and legs and a long thing on my hair.
And she told us that she was going to do our costumes the same but Ms hafoka said that we already did different costumes.  And the girls were saying I want your design .

After that we had another 4 practice on our third practice Ms Nua was saying that it was beautiful. Then we went back in side and we watched the most funniest
moments. It was funny we had heaps of laughter. It was a amazing day we had and we thanks Diana for her help and Ms Nua to for using her speakers.
The end

Friday, April 12, 2013


On Friday I went to assembly . When I walked in with my class Neo and same other boys were playing the guitar. Sitting down waiting for Mr Burt to start the national anthem. As we were singing Isa was playing the keyboard. It was cool singing then we had to sit down and then Ms M told us about this beautiful lady she came out and she sang some songs for us.

As she was singing she had a beautiful voice and she told us a story about a beautiful lady that loved a boy but the dad said that can't see each other. She was singing and singing and she had a beautiful voice I wanted to meet her and as she finished singing everybody clapped and cheered gracefully.

Then she sang another song it was nice we were sitting there listening to voice. Then we all clapped for her when she finished singing and she walked in to the music room. Then Mr Burt did the awards for the kind people and the winners. Then Gloria played the keyboard while Neo and the other boys were strumming the guitar.

I felt like I was up there singing with her and they were saw talented the guitarist and the keyboard songs were amazing. It was fun sitting there and watching them performing. It was the most special day out of all the days it was a gentile day for me and my friends after we finished assembly we all went back to our classes and got ready for our learning time . THE END

Monday, April 8, 2013

My weekend at the park

On saturday I went park with Angelina and Sesalina  And my two brothers Takai and Toni.
But When we went to the park There was a another Park up the hill Takai’s friends were calling them and then they ran up and played with them. It was fun at the park because we were climbing trees and we were playing touch and my cousin came and we played Touch with the ball it was my turn to kick.

when I kicked the ball it went towards the tree. As they were running with the ball I touched him and then he pasted it to Sesalina and Angelina tagged her and They were pasting it to each other when they got tired it was times out. Then it was me and Angelina’s turn to run with the ball. As Angelina passed the ball to me then my cousin ran up to me then I pasted it to Angelina then she ran to get the try and Sesalina was running up to her then she pasted it to me then I got a goal.

Then we played again it was there kick they kicked it up high then I caught it but it dropped on the ground. Then it was there run so when they run they were hard to touch they were running back forward and side to side. Then I ran and touched my cousin Fale and it was touch one then he pasted it to Sesalina Then Angelina tried to get her then she got a try.

Then we got tired of running then we went to the shops up the hill and I saw Takai and Toni with their friends playing on the park. As we went in the shop we bought chips and coca cola Then we sat on the side eating watching Takai Toni play.  Then Takai and Toni was hungry and we gave some drinks and chip for them to eat the we ran back down the hill to the other park .

Then we climbed the tree and we were playing i spy Then we played with the rock mud we were throwing it on the path it was cool then we threw it down the drain and I can hear flop. Then I throwed it to Sesalina’s legs then he throwed it on my feet it was saw Then we went back on the tree and we were  swinging on the brunches and on the wood and then we were talking.

We were talking about the holidays what are we going to do. On the holiday I told my dad if
I can go to rainbow end and after rainbow end I want to go to KFC saw I can eat for my brothers birthday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Easter At The Beach

Easter I jumped out of bed and got ready to go church. Walking to church there were a lot of cars parked on the grass. As I walked into church I went and sat next to my cousin Angelina and sesalina sat next to me. Then we sang some songs I went up on the stage and sang with Naomi. Everybody was chairing when we finished.

After we finished singing songs we prayed about easter day I prayed with Angelina and Sesalina. We prayed about our family and friends and school problems about Takai and Toni. Then Mr Brown put up a movie about Jesus. We were excited to see the film about why did Jesus died. As we were watching the film The mans was putting nails threw his skin and hand .

It was scary. After church we went home and  my mum brought a lot of chocolate me and Angelina we had one each chocolate it was nice. Then The next day It was Monday we got out of bed and cleaned up the kitchen and my auntie  gave me 20 dollars because I cleaned up by my self.

We went to the beach because it was Juniors last day at home and he had to go back to school. But we had fun we played touch with him I was in Juniors team and my cousin and Sesalina challenged me and Junior then after that we got hungry and we ate block of chocolate and chips and drinks. Then we went for a swim with my cousin Angelina and my sister and brother Sesalina ,Toni, Takai and me. we jumped of the bridge the water was so cold and so deep it was fun because they were throwing dirt at me it was sticky and fun.

Then I got change because the water was going out and then I went and waited for Takai to get changed because Toni left Takai’s t-shirt at the tree near the beach. Then we played on the trees and As we were playing Takai shaked the tree and these pointy stuff went in my neck.
Then we played touch again it was cool because Junior gives me the ball to kick. Then we walked home .

When we were walking Sesalina and Angelina ran away and hide My sister Mele she was worried. Then we went to threw tamaki primary and we played on there park and then we went to their pool it was warm then people started to come then we went and buyed hot chips Then we came back to the park and me Junior and Mele we ate when we were playing Master it was cool!. Then we walked home everybody was tired we had a shower then we went sleep but when we got home it was only my Auntie.


hook: guess what we did On Tuesday.

On Tuesday we headed biscuit and Ice cream so we can write about it.
Firsted Ms squires opened up the ice cream then she got the ice cream spoon and scooped it out.
So when she was scooping it she felt it hard to scoop it out because it was  icey.
then ms squires
got the  100000000 blox and the biscuit to put it  in the bag to crush it and smush it.
After that jonathan made a hole in the middle of the bag he was crushing it
. And ms squires got a new one."So Ms squires said if you're eating the ice cream go outside and eat it thei".
As she scooped it on my hand it felt numbing and sticky and it was melting as I put it in the cone
then I went outside and ate it.
Then janita came with the camera outside and she was videoing us.
after that she said say Hi to the camera then we said hi.
The end