Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Good Friends

Good friends like to laugh, talk and tell secret to each other. They are someone that we can share our stupidest and embarrassing moments. The one thing I like about my friends we have different personalities. We like to hang out every weekends and go places like swimming pools and each others house.

My friends are empathetic they help in different kind of ways. Always understand how I feel and cares for me when I'm sad. They act like their selves when they are around me. When I am upset I can always go to them because they always listen to what I have to say. Friends are mates that we hang around with on our spare times and go to birthdays or to each others houses. If we had no friends their well be no one to talk to and share secrets or hang out. Best friends are tight and shares stuff with each other.

Good friends can also be your cousin, Auntie or your mum and dad. Some of the people I know their best friend is their pet dog or cat so a good friend can be anyone. Its always fun to have a good friend around you so that you can have fun. A good friend trusts you and want spread rumors and will always be there for you. Its always have a person that you can trust and be your best friend.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Future Aspiration

We quickly got seated and everybody was silent. We started with a prayer and finished with Amen. Mr Burt start off with a Korero about future Aspiration , about what are we going to do in the future?and  whats our dreams!. So Andrew Patterson is here with some people who succeed.

Andrew Patterson  finished his korero and watched a short film about a year 9 in Manurewa collage. Ivana speaks and encourage's people to chase their dreams. He talked about how his school is doing good and his grades are getting higher because he has listened more. He never thought they he will be paid for speaking to people on stage.

There were three presenters Amelia , Anthony and Paula 
But one of my favorites was Paula. He talk to many year 7 &8 about future Aspiration and he told us a story about when he was in school. Back in school the pools will always be open on a very hot day.

He went swimming and he will always have races with his friends in the pool. They had to swim to the deep side and back to the shallow part. So they kicked off and they started splashing water and swimming fast as they can to win. As they got tired they started slowing down and Paula started walking in the water and won the race.

They picked him to be in the swimming team for there school and they went to the a pool near there school and got changed and ready it looked really fancy. There were different schools there and Paula was very sure that he's going to win because he had a special weapon.

He was all ready in his togs and waiting until the empire say's go" .He snapped the wood and they dived in. There were swimming as fast as they could back and back. As they got to the middle of the pool the swimmers started slowing down.

As they were slowing down he tried to walk but as he put both legs onto the ground he couldn't reach the bottom of the water and it was to deep and started drowning and lifeguards swam and carried him out. It was one of his embarrassing moments. And her friends were laughing at him.
As he was telling us the story he was doing funny actions to it. It was really cool listening to there stories about there future.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lydia ko

Lydia ko is aNew Zealand professional golfer who has toured around the countries and also won Women golfer. She is an amazing inspiring golfer who has won the top-rank woman. Ko is the youngest golfer that has competed in the golfer championship tournaments.

At the age of five her mum takes her to a golf club called pupuke golf club.  Lydia has won two LPGA Tour events in August 2013 and she has taken part of the 25 professional tournament and has never missed a cut. March 2005  Lydia ko was seven years old when she first started getting popular for her golfing.