Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Netbook reflection

  • I have discovered how to use our google doc’s for document’s and presintation’s  so we can write story’s about weekends and make a presintation of a celebritie  and post it on our blog so everybody can read.I have  learnt from myself  that we can use the interenet for worksheet’s and maths and writing, tools and how to spell extremely hard words.

  • I learnt from my self how to play draw picture’s and how to reuse picture’s from our netbooks. Learning from my teacher this year has been great we learn our decimals and our fractions. one of my friends taught me how to use the internet wisely for work, I have learnt from someone from room 22 how to file my writing to the folder’s.
I taught some kids how to draw on interent and how to use tuxpaint for pictures and frames.

  • I had learn how to share my work to other people so they can prove read it or fix up the mistakes. We can use the interenet for more cool idears and even we can use it for creating something like a box or make an air plane. Netbook helps us to put lots of idears into my head and use tools for any problems for our netbook.

  • Netbooks help us to listen to songs and go on games when we are finished everything on free time. We can use our netbooks for our task. Thank you for Mr Burt and Ms Burt for giving us the opportunitie  to have netbooks and chrome books to use for our learning.
  • The End

Prize giving Reflection

Walking towards my classroom I notice that they already left so I sprinted to the hall. As I got there they were already settled so I sat down and waited until Mr Burt gave us a korero. “ Welcome everybody to this beautiful night where the team 4 up to team 5 are gonna show use there amazing item.

They started off with the kapahaka dance it was Amazing the parent were taking video’s and even pictures. I liked how Tyla Marie did the pukana to all  of the parents out there she  really looked furious that was awesome.  Then they did a scary dance like worriers they did  it so loud they the crowd was going wild there were lots of people there than when it got the end the started dancing gracefully it was funny but cool.

“Thank  you t kapahaka students for performing this beautiful amazing Haka” Mr Burt replied.  Now its time for the awards for year 4  kaya  for  Academic award for first place , Stevenson Academic award for second place, Shelford  Academic award third place, Jordan for  Academic award  for first place. they were waving at the crowd  so there care givers come walking down the Isle towards there  niece and nephew’s to award them with lollies and trophies from Mr Burt.  Then lots of people started to go up the stage and take a picture next to them what a fantastic day.

So we started cheering when the walked back to there set’s . Now its time for the band member’s to sing a song. Osannah , Hannah, Dhara , and Dillon and the band they were on the electric guitars and lave was on the drums. The sang the song royal from lord than we chaired for them as the bell down.

Than it was time for the year 4 dance they did a amazing dance they had a remix a cool remix to for there dance than they did a part that was funny. But when it was coming to the last group it was the year 7's turn for there Item we did the prince of bale air. It was funny because Isara looked really cool with his hats it was amazing the end

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Netbook helps with my learning on internet like going on extra-maths , Maths-whizz and more like reading work and even work sheet’s on line from the teacher’s. Internet on my netbook help’s me to type more better and do activity’s it is really good to finish your work on internet.

I have learnt  from my teacher how to listen to instruction's on my netbook and we are not aloud on any games but ask before you do something that your not aloud to go on first. What have you learnt from your friends this year? I had learn lots of hip hop moves because they love dancing. 

I had learnt lots of dance moves from the internets and there were lots of stuff to go on but I finished my work than I went and told my Teacher if I can go on youtube. Learning to do new things on my netbook is really fun and cool. I like Activity's on my netbook because we can finish things off.
                                         The End learning on my netbook is fun.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Parade

"Having a Fun time at the parade with your friends" Said Mum

Walking down towards the road we were getting settled so we can watch the amazing parade. But first let's go pick up Sarona and Ane so we can have fun and after woods we can go to the pool's.Walking to there house they were walking towards me so I ran to them and went straight to parade.

Walking down the hill we saw the polices surrounding the cones to block the road saw we can watch the parade and lots of people was there I was so happy. We started to move along the side walk so we can watch so it started with solders they had buckets of candy they gave it out to the little kids.

I saw Chloe sister she was a cheerleader for the parade it was so awesome. Then I saw balloons drifting threw the sky going higher and higher. Then they thru lollies to the bunch of the crowds and across the road some worker's started to put the rock climbing wall up and the bounce castle and face panting.

After the parade we all walked to the bakery and had lunch it was really fun with everybody there having fun and lots of people went and painted there face awesome time.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Action-world Poem

Arrived at Action world time to play
finally its more like a Yr 7 day.

Bursting with excitement, confident and keen
can't wait to play with my friends and me.

First activity not so fun
hurt my foot and then it got num.

Furious to try the jump and slide
this is going to be the best ride.

One more activity to try
the juggle swings felt like I was about to fly.

Action world was amazing, cool, huge and not dump   
hope to came back for more fun.