Friday, October 24, 2014



Walking around the corridors of school I see a lot of unkind people pushing and saying mean things. Now its time people should show empathy.  It would be a good time for people to put themselves in other peoples shoes and know how it feels in life for them to come to school everyday with an unhappy face. Its important to be respectful to other people around and show kindness because empathy means understanding how someone else is feelings.

This is different ways that you can show empathy. Understanding someone having a hard time in school or someone unhappy about something bad happened. Sharing with someone there emotional secrets and feelings. Showing kindness in school and caring about how other people treat people around them. Helping a teacher out will really kind and showing how much you care about others.

Its important to show empathy. A world with out empathy is like walking into school everyday facing people that are  getting pushed around and teased.  If we had no one showing empathy in our school we will have bullies being not respectful to others. You respect others  and help them when there feeling down and be empathetic.  

In the meanwhile we all can show Empathy in and out of the school grounds. Treat other people as you treat yourself and friends. If a person is sitting by their selves go talk to them or ask them if they want  to play. So everyone should be empathetic and respectful  and kind and always put and it will be amazing if I see smile’s on other people faces at the end of the days I will have a big smile on mine.

people hardly heard of the word empathy but now you no what it means so its time we all show empathy. Empathy is very important word and its always good if you see people caring and being kind to each other.  So help people when there getting push around and feeling sad the end.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DLO Maths

Immersion Assembly

Light from The Breeze was shining into the hall making shadows on the floor. As we sat down Mr Burt announced, ”Guess what guys. Our topic is Art attack”.
We watched amazing performances with teachers jumping around and even watched their little short films about the beach and the primary colours.
It went on and on until it was time for team 5. I couldn’t wait to see their performance.

Team 5 teachers were dressed up in different costumes looking like famous painters. Walking onto the stage they were holding paint in their hands. They had a big paper pinned onto a wall. While we watched them gracefully painting their way around the big piece of paper, I was thinking to myself, “I’m confused.  This artwork looks rubbish.” . Lights beaming down on them, looking like a sun above their head, were making the teachers sweat.

As the teachers painted we watched an amazing artist painting one of his designs on the video. It was fantastic. I was still confused about Team 5's piece of artwork as it looked like blobs of white and black paint. When they were flicking blobs of paint onto the pinned paper I was trying to imagine what the artwork was going to look like.

Turning their piece of artwork around I was thinking to myself, "What are they doing?"
As they picture was turned we could see clearly it was Ms Jarman, Mr Jacobson, and Mr Burt painted. ”Wow” that's awesome," I thought to myself. Every one applauded for their amazing artwork.

At the end the artwork was not confusing after all. But we all had fun watching the teachers cool performance. It was a sunny and fun day watching team1 teachers to team 5 dancing painting and having fun.