Friday, September 27, 2013

Movie Reflection

We got black paper to draw on and pastel to draw. we got the 2 cameras one to take a picture and two to video. I enjoying getting the things we needed and setting it up.
I enjoyed videoing Laita well Taylah was editing the movie. Laita is really talented drawing she can draw people and history pictures too.It token my group to finish in 2 weeks to finish our D.L.O. As we were finishing off the parts Ms King was very impress.

IT's Summer Time

Verse 1

Where I'm from I see the sun shine ,beaming down onto me.
I feel breeze of water running down my sandy feet.
I hear the sound of my family having a feast by the sea.
swish, splash, goes the water drifting thru the side rocks.
singing along as my brother sang a happy song.

Verse 2

Where I'm From a place where my family lives.
I Hear Birds drifting threw the clouds above.
I feel the light wind flowing thru me.
I smile the sausages cooking on the  BBQ.
I taste the food as we had a feast.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Name

Is a good person to talk too.
Slow listener
Is funny
Is a good drawer.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Highlights About My Friends and Family

Family & Friends Highlight’s :
Friends highlight:

I like hanging out with family and friends.

One of my highlights about my friends is hanging out with them playing games and  signing up for sports together. I love working with my friends and talking about other things . Friends are cool and fun I am so great full to have friends. My favourite thing about friends is going camp with them and enjoying activity and games together.

Sometimes my friends can be annoying to me because they also talk about me sometimes so I go and run to my cousin Mele and she plays with me. I have a friend call Gianna sometimes we fight but now we are friends. To be honest  my friends are amazing and fun.

In the holidays I love it when we have family reunion it really amazing. To be honest my brothers are annoying  and lazy. I love it when my brother Junior comes from his boarding school and we go to the park and play touch with my sister’s and brother’s. I like going shopping with my sister rachel she buys me anything I want than after that we go to carls jr.

I love my family I'm great full to have brother & sisters and a Mum and Dad. I like going church with my family and I like singing with them. I like going to birthdays and party’s
                                        Then End

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Protesting In New Zealand

It was the year 1981. My wife and I went down to the Hamilton stadium. We pulled out our sign saying “No Tour”, and shouted “ REMEMBER SOWETO REMEMBER”.  I could fell cans chucked at me and food. Fans shouting at us protesters “GET OFF THE FIELD”. I could hear there anger in their voices.

A mad crowd came running down wanting to hurt them. They were swearing and shouting " GET OFF THE FIELD".Countries around the world boycotted south Africa by stop trading and stop playing sports.They cancelled the game because the fans were chucking cans and food onto the field.Marching on the field we Shouted " Remember Soweto's Remember".

A little boy comes and ask me what is the word Soweto means. In Africa a boy from numerous Sowetan school Protested on the street. more than 20,000 student took part of protesting on the road. And As they were Protesting a boy got shot.

" Oh" Thanks for telling me the story " no worries". The End

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


On Friday I went to my sister Rachel new house after school. As we got to her house I played on her IPod with Junior.We were taking turn and as we were playing my sister said" 
My Step children's are coming so you can play with them".

I had fun playing in her new house it was awesome because she lived up stairs her house was like a motel.  So as we were inside we watched sky on her flat screen Television,  We changed the T.V to adventure time  so my little brothers can watch. 
As  they arrived we went out side and introduce our self's.

It was afternoon tea time we had cookie's, Coca cola and chips It was taste. As we were eating we were talking about when she has time for us and when she can come over again. It was great talking to her then I went out side with my cousin and play shots with the basketball hob.
Playing master with  my cousin my sister Rachel  called us to come inside because it was getting dark. running up the stairs as we got to the door we had to take our shoes off.
We went inside and we were watching .A.F.V it was really funny watching with my cousins and my sister.  After that it was time to go we said our good bys and we went off home. 

It was a amazing day with my sister The End.