Thursday, October 27, 2011

Immersion Assembly

On Tuesday we were glad to be back at school. As we entered the hall for our Immersion Assembly we noticed that the teachers were dressed up in costumes. There were stars, moons and aliens. When we were in the all we sat down and waited. Mr Burt explained a story about the Manaiakalani stars, (the hook from heaven)

Suddenly Mr Burt announced the team 1 item. Their item was a movie about the sun. They were trying to paint a sun because they were searching for the sun.

As team 1 finished their movie Mr Burt announced team 2. Their item was a space rap about all the planets. It was a funny rap. I thought that the fake book boxes they were wearing on their heads and their robot dance moves made it funny.

Team 4 ‘s item was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from the Wiggles. I really liked the part when the were dancing. Their one was so fantastic. They were dancing like ballerinas doing twirls, leaps and pirouettes. Even Mr Marks was dressed up in a tutu.

After that it was team 5. Their item was about Star Wars. The teachers faces replaced the star wars actors’ faces. When they were doing the movie all of the school giggled and clapped. Finally Mr Burt came and he talked to us and then the Immersion Assembly was finish.

I think that learning about space this term will be great. I want to find out all about the stars.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Guess what we did in the weekend. I stayed at home with my family. Usually we stay home every weekend on Saturday and watch movies.This weekend we watched Tangle, Huge, and Grudge. Some of the movies were scary. The scariest one was The Grudge 2.

After morning tea we watched 2012. It was a movie about the end of the would.
An it was cool because when we watched it we shout the curtins so we can watch it .

As soon as it was night we played spot light. Takai was the spot light and he called'nt fine me and he got toni and toni was chairing to scary takai .

Finally I was tired so I went to bed. and as I entered my bed room I so my Nana cleaning the room. I got angry at her because lost my shoes and my bage but I find it it was in the wooddroup .

On Sunday I went to church with my sister. My church is called the Community church. First we did praying and singing. After the service we went to the hall to play games about friends.
At church we also had lunch. We had cookies, bananas, pears, and drinks.