Tuesday, September 11, 2012

weekend camp

Hook: Guess what we did on the weekends?

In the weekend we went camp it was so rainy that it ran every single day.
As we got our stuff ready we hopped in the car and I was smiling with excitement .
when we got there I saw sarona  and her family with there bags next to the bus.
And then a another bus at the back of the other bus and we had to put how close in side and we waited and waited until our how church was here and it was so because my mum forgotten to pack my jumpers . As we got in the bus every body was excited and as we go there it was beautiful and I just notes when my sister said we are at Hamilton where mere mere is.
we had a hot dog and when we finished we went to the game room and it was cool my cabin was 2c it was so so cool and alot of people from our school came . this is the people from our school went.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

did you now in the paralympics they did wheel chair races.they used stranght in their muscles to go  therder .they were bobbing as they pushed to the finish race and as they strive threw the bane .as they were coming thought it must be hard to turn the wheels of the chair.As the crowd cheered the racers were racing with joy.