Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Netbook reflection

  • I have discovered how to use our google doc’s for document’s and presintation’s  so we can write story’s about weekends and make a presintation of a celebritie  and post it on our blog so everybody can read.I have  learnt from myself  that we can use the interenet for worksheet’s and maths and writing, tools and how to spell extremely hard words.

  • I learnt from my self how to play draw picture’s and how to reuse picture’s from our netbooks. Learning from my teacher this year has been great we learn our decimals and our fractions. one of my friends taught me how to use the internet wisely for work, I have learnt from someone from room 22 how to file my writing to the folder’s.
I taught some kids how to draw on interent and how to use tuxpaint for pictures and frames.

  • I had learn how to share my work to other people so they can prove read it or fix up the mistakes. We can use the interenet for more cool idears and even we can use it for creating something like a box or make an air plane. Netbook helps us to put lots of idears into my head and use tools for any problems for our netbook.

  • Netbooks help us to listen to songs and go on games when we are finished everything on free time. We can use our netbooks for our task. Thank you for Mr Burt and Ms Burt for giving us the opportunitie  to have netbooks and chrome books to use for our learning.
  • The End

Prize giving Reflection

Walking towards my classroom I notice that they already left so I sprinted to the hall. As I got there they were already settled so I sat down and waited until Mr Burt gave us a korero. “ Welcome everybody to this beautiful night where the team 4 up to team 5 are gonna show use there amazing item.

They started off with the kapahaka dance it was Amazing the parent were taking video’s and even pictures. I liked how Tyla Marie did the pukana to all  of the parents out there she  really looked furious that was awesome.  Then they did a scary dance like worriers they did  it so loud they the crowd was going wild there were lots of people there than when it got the end the started dancing gracefully it was funny but cool.

“Thank  you t kapahaka students for performing this beautiful amazing Haka” Mr Burt replied.  Now its time for the awards for year 4  kaya  for  Academic award for first place , Stevenson Academic award for second place, Shelford  Academic award third place, Jordan for  Academic award  for first place. they were waving at the crowd  so there care givers come walking down the Isle towards there  niece and nephew’s to award them with lollies and trophies from Mr Burt.  Then lots of people started to go up the stage and take a picture next to them what a fantastic day.

So we started cheering when the walked back to there set’s . Now its time for the band member’s to sing a song. Osannah , Hannah, Dhara , and Dillon and the band they were on the electric guitars and lave was on the drums. The sang the song royal from lord than we chaired for them as the bell down.

Than it was time for the year 4 dance they did a amazing dance they had a remix a cool remix to for there dance than they did a part that was funny. But when it was coming to the last group it was the year 7's turn for there Item we did the prince of bale air. It was funny because Isara looked really cool with his hats it was amazing the end

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Netbook helps with my learning on internet like going on extra-maths , Maths-whizz and more like reading work and even work sheet’s on line from the teacher’s. Internet on my netbook help’s me to type more better and do activity’s it is really good to finish your work on internet.

I have learnt  from my teacher how to listen to instruction's on my netbook and we are not aloud on any games but ask before you do something that your not aloud to go on first. What have you learnt from your friends this year? I had learn lots of hip hop moves because they love dancing. 

I had learnt lots of dance moves from the internets and there were lots of stuff to go on but I finished my work than I went and told my Teacher if I can go on youtube. Learning to do new things on my netbook is really fun and cool. I like Activity's on my netbook because we can finish things off.
                                         The End learning on my netbook is fun.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Parade

"Having a Fun time at the parade with your friends" Said Mum

Walking down towards the road we were getting settled so we can watch the amazing parade. But first let's go pick up Sarona and Ane so we can have fun and after woods we can go to the pool's.Walking to there house they were walking towards me so I ran to them and went straight to parade.

Walking down the hill we saw the polices surrounding the cones to block the road saw we can watch the parade and lots of people was there I was so happy. We started to move along the side walk so we can watch so it started with solders they had buckets of candy they gave it out to the little kids.

I saw Chloe sister she was a cheerleader for the parade it was so awesome. Then I saw balloons drifting threw the sky going higher and higher. Then they thru lollies to the bunch of the crowds and across the road some worker's started to put the rock climbing wall up and the bounce castle and face panting.

After the parade we all walked to the bakery and had lunch it was really fun with everybody there having fun and lots of people went and painted there face awesome time.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Action-world Poem

Arrived at Action world time to play
finally its more like a Yr 7 day.

Bursting with excitement, confident and keen
can't wait to play with my friends and me.

First activity not so fun
hurt my foot and then it got num.

Furious to try the jump and slide
this is going to be the best ride.

One more activity to try
the juggle swings felt like I was about to fly.

Action world was amazing, cool, huge and not dump   
hope to came back for more fun.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Hook! It’s time for Assembly now lets get to class before we turn up late.

Rrring,Rrring went the bell its time for Assembly. So I ran towards my class room and  token off my shoe’s and sprinted inside to hang my bag on my chair, Waiting until the second bell rang Ms Lagitupu marked the roll. Marking the roll the second bell rings “,Rrring , Rrring “, so Ms Lagitupu told us to wait outside. We started walking towards the hall.

Everybody is settled now so we can start now. We started off with the seniors pray in maori. Than  Crusader did a korero and his mihmihi and we all cheered and clapped for is amazing korero. Than We had to girls coming to our school there names were Sidney and her friend. They were helping Mr Burt hand out the certificate's to the seniors and the kids. 

The were lots of certificates to hand out we had lots. Clapping and cheering as they all walked off the stage to there sit down on the ground in a line so when assembly is finished they can go straight to the library to get their present. Than Sidney hand her friend started singing a song for us it was amazing they had a very nice voice. The End

Friday, November 22, 2013

I heard a whisper but no-one was there

Hook: what is so mysterious thing  about that house?

“Hey mum  I finished puting the furniture in the room so I'm just going to head off to my bedroom to listen to music” Okay honey she replied.So I set off to my bedroom when mum was going to make breakfast.

I walked towards my room than I layout on the bed Knock, Knock who is it go away I'm tired than my little brother ran in with muddy foot prints all over the floor eww  I'm going to tell on” MUM” I shouted  get out of my room Tony as  Tony sprinted of to mum.

Than I ran to my bedroom and layout on my bed aah that's better. As I grabbed my headphones I turned on the song  and started humming the beats as I feel asleep. Mum shouted” five mins until Breakfast”.So Dad said to me as he opened my door Nicky may you help “ sure” What do I have to do Dad asked “ Dad , can you stack the boxes so he gave me 6 but dad gave me to at a time  finished  Dad.

So we finished taking the boxes to the basement “ Mum shouted Breakfast is ready so I walked towards the kitchen and rinsed my hands with soap. I sat and at all my ceariall up and my juice , Beep ow that's the school bus hurry” So I quickly ran to the bus. Beep beep went the bus as we hopped off . Hours went by its 3:00 home time.

Dad picked me up and we went straight home,  as I got off I I walked towards my room. hehehehe who goes there”than a shadow comes who’s Tony I said is that you hehehe I heard someone giggling I see aaaaaaahhhhhhh I scream running to my bed room hiding under my sheet holding on to my teddy bear.

Its dinner time mum shouted as I ran quickly fast to dining room aaah ow is just you and your teddy. So as we ate I heard the voice again Mum can you hear something I asked she replied just eat your food. I'm full now wait Dad said" can you go and find the torch light in the basement please sure. I shivered with fear as I got my torch light and rand down throwing everything every where.

"aaaaaahhhhh" I shouted what do you want as tears ran down my face so I saw a large room I opened the door "aaaaaahhhhh"I screamed aaaaaahhhhh Tony and his friends screamed ow is just you I'm telling running up the stairs shouting Mum mum. The End

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspiration

Hook? Rrrring ,Rrrring went the  First bell. Its time to go class hurry guys we are nearly late as we crossed the road and ran towards our classes.

Its Time to do the roll as Ms Lagitupu called the roll. Rrrring, Rrrring went the bell everybody outside we have to go to the hall to meet the visitors, so we ran out side of class and grabbed our shoes and and put it on. As we got there we all sat on the set and they started interducing  there self , Hi I’m Ashlee Hi I’m Mosa Hi I’m Tristan Hi I’m Kane Hi I’m Emma and we are Future Aspiration visitor.

So we had to go in our groupsso there were Year 8 in the street and year 7 in the hall with jristan , Kane , Ashlee. And we learned about what are we going to do in the future!. So Tristan was the first one he wanted to be a matth-matic he was so brainy he new lots of stuff about maths and shapes it was awesome.he token some pictures with him and put it on the screen so everybody can see. he had lots of pictures with him reading books. 

it was always some it was look like 12 books or more. than he told us that dream can be real if u stick to it than he finished with around of a paws it was awesome.

To Be Continued

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletic Day Hay

Hook? “Hay everybody Its Athletic’s day for our school so we need to get dressed hurry”

We all rushed to school like we were animals running around the zoo. We were so excited “Hi” sarona,Ane, Helen,  shouted running towards me and Efilona and Flora we were going to get dressed in the bathroom. The Bell was rang across the path way lets go and get dressed.  Running towards the pathroom door. As we walked into the the girls toliets there were lot of girls getting change so we waited until they were finished.

The girl started to go so we quickly went inside the toliet to get dressed.“Finished” I shouted waiting for My friends to get dressed.” Rrrrrring, Rrrrrring” went the bell again its class time “ bye Sarona , Ane, Efilona ,Chloe I was running with Fora to class. As we got there we started getting ready Ms Lagitupu started righting the house colours in Maori and our year than she told everybody to line up outside.

Than we Mr Burt started doing our cheer’s Than after that we started walking up to doing up to go to our first activity. first one we were with Ms long throw with the softball ball we had to throw the ball as far as we can so we can come 1st 2nd 3rd place so I Throw the ball as far as I can and I came first place than we going on and on than girls started beating me. In my head I was shouting “ NOOO”, so we went on and on I was in the year 7 group for the activity’s.

We all went in our year group. To

be continued.......

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's School Time

(Hook :  Guess what its my first day of school yay. . . .

Shy and nervous I clutched my mums hand tightly. The hot sun was beaming down onto me bought luckily breeze running down the path way . Cars went by zooming and  beeping as we were near bye the crossing.

It was such a long walk I felt sweat running down my exhausted face .  Crossing the road I heard a bell ringing and I notice it was time to meet my new friends and teachers

.Mum wave’s at me as I say “ goodbye” I was so excited.. I meet  my first teacher Miss George she toke me to the office so I could get signed in.Walking to my new class as I got to walked inside ,  I was as shy as an turtle hiding under it’s shell. I hang my school bag up onto the hook and went inside to learn.

Ms  George called every body to the mat and we sat up. we talked about learning how to read.  She had stacks of books by the book shelf.It was about an rabbit called hear and a turtle. . It was really  enjoyed reading then it was time for the next group. Ms emailed us work shots on the computer’s so we can fill it out.

10 munite’s later the bell rang for Lunch time . Sat up on the mat we had to wait until the boys go carefully to grab the’re lunch. Then it was our turn to grab our lunch. I ran outside and sat down next to some girl’s called Martha , Sarona ,Nelly may.

Bell rang again for play time we played shots with the ball it was getting really boring so we sat down and talked until the bell rang. It was time for class time. So we sprinted like I'm attacking them. Then the bell rang for home time I said to Ms " bye see you tomorrow " I shouted across the path as I went threw the gate.

I shouted" Mum " she came in the car and we drove off home. I told everything about what I did. The End


(Hook :  Guess what its my first day of school yay. . . .

Shy and nervous I clutched my mums hand tightly. The hot sun was beaming down onto me bought luckily there was light of breeze running down the path way . Cars went by zooming and  beeping as we were near bye the crossing.

It was such a long walk I felt sweat running down my exhausted face .  Crossing the road I heard i heard a bell ring from the other side ,” come on mum we are nearly late.”. I shouted running  towards my new class room.

Walking threw the door I saw pictures up on the wall and computer’s lined up on the table it was amazing.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday party

On Saturday morning we went to a birthday over at our cousin’s house. As we arrived at our cousin my mum told us to help her.

So we help our cousin’s hang the poster’s on the wall and hang the balloons on the corners of the room. Then we went to get the cake from the bakery and the candles from the 2 dollar shop.

As we got back we dressed the birthday girl Emma and we waited until the birthday party began. people started arriving and the walking inside with bags of presents. They put the birthday cake onto the table.

When they were all settled we sang happy birthday to her. My auntie’s and uncle sang a song to bless her. She blew the candles, and than we did our three cheer’s for her. She was so happy that everyone was there.

We handed out lollies to the little kids as everyone had a lollie bag there were left overs for me and my sisters. It was getting late so as we went to say goodbye to the birthday girl Emma she was already sleeping.

The End

Friday, October 18, 2013

Niue language week

Fakaalofa atu  It's Niue language week yea.

On Niue language week we learned new words like

Malolo Nakai A Koe that means how are you.

we learned goodbye

Koe Kia

on niue language week for last day on friday Ms lagitupu made cup cakes for our class it was taste and yum.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Movie Reflection

We got black paper to draw on and pastel to draw. we got the 2 cameras one to take a picture and two to video. I enjoying getting the things we needed and setting it up.
I enjoyed videoing Laita well Taylah was editing the movie. Laita is really talented drawing she can draw people and history pictures too.It token my group to finish in 2 weeks to finish our D.L.O. As we were finishing off the parts Ms King was very impress.

IT's Summer Time

Verse 1

Where I'm from I see the sun shine ,beaming down onto me.
I feel breeze of water running down my sandy feet.
I hear the sound of my family having a feast by the sea.
swish, splash, goes the water drifting thru the side rocks.
singing along as my brother sang a happy song.

Verse 2

Where I'm From a place where my family lives.
I Hear Birds drifting threw the clouds above.
I feel the light wind flowing thru me.
I smile the sausages cooking on the  BBQ.
I taste the food as we had a feast.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Name

Is a good person to talk too.
Slow listener
Is funny
Is a good drawer.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Highlights About My Friends and Family

Family & Friends Highlight’s :
Friends highlight:

I like hanging out with family and friends.

One of my highlights about my friends is hanging out with them playing games and  signing up for sports together. I love working with my friends and talking about other things . Friends are cool and fun I am so great full to have friends. My favourite thing about friends is going camp with them and enjoying activity and games together.

Sometimes my friends can be annoying to me because they also talk about me sometimes so I go and run to my cousin Mele and she plays with me. I have a friend call Gianna sometimes we fight but now we are friends. To be honest  my friends are amazing and fun.

In the holidays I love it when we have family reunion it really amazing. To be honest my brothers are annoying  and lazy. I love it when my brother Junior comes from his boarding school and we go to the park and play touch with my sister’s and brother’s. I like going shopping with my sister rachel she buys me anything I want than after that we go to carls jr.

I love my family I'm great full to have brother & sisters and a Mum and Dad. I like going church with my family and I like singing with them. I like going to birthdays and party’s
                                        Then End

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Protesting In New Zealand

It was the year 1981. My wife and I went down to the Hamilton stadium. We pulled out our sign saying “No Tour”, and shouted “ REMEMBER SOWETO REMEMBER”.  I could fell cans chucked at me and food. Fans shouting at us protesters “GET OFF THE FIELD”. I could hear there anger in their voices.

A mad crowd came running down wanting to hurt them. They were swearing and shouting " GET OFF THE FIELD".Countries around the world boycotted south Africa by stop trading and stop playing sports.They cancelled the game because the fans were chucking cans and food onto the field.Marching on the field we Shouted " Remember Soweto's Remember".

A little boy comes and ask me what is the word Soweto means. In Africa a boy from numerous Sowetan school Protested on the street. more than 20,000 student took part of protesting on the road. And As they were Protesting a boy got shot.

" Oh" Thanks for telling me the story " no worries". The End

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


On Friday I went to my sister Rachel new house after school. As we got to her house I played on her IPod with Junior.We were taking turn and as we were playing my sister said" 
My Step children's are coming so you can play with them".

I had fun playing in her new house it was awesome because she lived up stairs her house was like a motel.  So as we were inside we watched sky on her flat screen Television,  We changed the T.V to adventure time  so my little brothers can watch. 
As  they arrived we went out side and introduce our self's.

It was afternoon tea time we had cookie's, Coca cola and chips It was taste. As we were eating we were talking about when she has time for us and when she can come over again. It was great talking to her then I went out side with my cousin and play shots with the basketball hob.
Playing master with  my cousin my sister Rachel  called us to come inside because it was getting dark. running up the stairs as we got to the door we had to take our shoes off.
We went inside and we were watching .A.F.V it was really funny watching with my cousins and my sister.  After that it was time to go we said our good bys and we went off home. 

It was a amazing day with my sister The End.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Martin Luther King

This Year is the anniversary of the speech “I HAVE A DREAM!” This  speech was made by the famous Martin Luther king .

Martin Luther king was born in the year 1929, January 15. But sadly in the year of 1968, April 4, he was assassinated by american criminal  James earl ray. but before his time had come to an end, he established his dream, by  protesting against racial equality . Because...

Right in the moment when Martin Luther king was still alive,there white poverty, for his people & prosperity for the white. Meaning that white were wealthy and happy, but the dark people were sent into  a land of poverty. Which is why  Martin  Luther King had to make a stand  with that, stand , he made and outstanding  speech., Know as, “ I HAVE A DREAM”

In  a bus filled with black and white people . As there were no more seats for the whites a black person had to own up for there seat for a white person. They tried putting up signs  so the black and white people can got to the same restaurant or even go to the same school.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Film making With Ms King.

Laita, Serenity, and Sislia from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

watching Mele  Me and Laita singing I thought they can improve with sound effect to make it better. I enjoyed watching our movie its really amazing that we finished it on time so the seniors can watch it.  There movie conveyed really amazing because they sang butter -fully.

We did really well with the steadiness shot from in front of us. we need to improve to sound equality. it will look nice if we just put a back ground to go with it. I was very happy that the seniors enjoyed watching .

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Thursday the 22nd of august we had Cross Crountry Race for 2013. Getting ready we all got dressed into our house colours. I was in Te Aroha, Waiting until th yr 2 and 1 were runing . all the senior block went to the other side of the field so we can see the Kids running across us.

Then it was time for the yr 4& 5s they all lined up where the line waiting until Mr Burt pushed the alarm. Then the yr 6 then it was The yr 7 turn lineing up we all walked to the line and stood there. My hands were shaking as I was standing there my hart was beating faster and faster.

“I was nerovs and my head was saying to me you can do it”. As the alarm went i sprinted as fast as i could so i want come last . As I was running my supporters were cheering for me along the cone lines. I can feel the squishy and slimmy mud running threw my toes.

I was exhausted and sweating running towards a log i jumped over it. running ahead I caught up to Ane Annliz and hopei ran with them  then they sprinted away from me because they were near the finish line . I ran past the park and up the hill and past the finish line. It was amazing

Friday, August 9, 2013


Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
I enjoyed the art and carving. It’s very fun Designing your own design.
It’s awesome because my friends enjoy’s the fun that we have with Ms Tito. I sometimes spend time with my best friends when we are doing our Art and Carving.
Black Hat - Which things didn't I like?
Most of the time we have to Pack up. Sometimes the boys in room 20 has to ruin the fun. Sometimes my friends keep talking when they haven't even finished there art or carving. It gets noise sometimes when we do our art.
Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
What was Interesting about This weeks. It was very interesting learning about Samoan, Polynesia. Learning about mixing designs to gather and Islander art. It very awesome working and learning about the Pacific.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Run

Getting ready for the run we warmed up. As soon as everybody was here we ran when the teachers gave us a sign. So On my first run I had ran where Ms Va’afusuaga was standing. Walking towards the big tree I started to run when I walked past it, catching up to the other students that ran in front of me. Then I saw Mele so I ran up to her when she started walking. Running with Mele I felt sick I had butterflies in my stomach. Mele and I ran past the tail trees until we ran past Ms Squires.  And Mele stopped so I just ran until I got to Ms King she marked a letter L on my hand. Then I ran past the other teachers watching , As I got to the soccer pole I started walking with Martha, Anne and Htawaras. I finally got to where daisy was standing so I ran and ran. It was very fun running because we had friends that were videotaping the students. Run, run” I shouted to the students who were walking. splash, Splash the paddles in the mud splashed on my legs it felt yucky but it was funny. So later that  day I was up to my last one running around the reserve . Crack crack the brunches went as I was running threw the trees . Getting closer to Ms Va’afusuaga I started to get tired so I power walked . Then I ran until I got to near the beach toilets so I jogged. Huffing and Puffing I tryed not to stop.

To Be Countunied..

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prospective students

Struggling to climb the boy’s hand slipped off the rock side. dangling precariously with a tenuous grip he pulled his self up. His hands were very fatigued for climbing up the deep mountain. There were whispers in his head in couraging him self to carry on. The boy was determination to complete his mission to climb up the mountainside.

Walking thru the icy mountain the prospective student was relieved. Knocking on the door he went. Then the door opened the master walked out and he pointed to the right side and slammed the door shut.Then he knocked again the master pointed  and slammed the door again.  

He clenched his fist close and furiously he kicks the door down. Then the master came out and he pointed to the sign. Then gracefully did a cheeky smile.