Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Earth we had a lot of good times but one day Earth was falling it pecees and it cause a lot of Earthquake and Tsunami.We felt cool to see what is it like on spaces I will like to go to Mars but I hard that Mars was a cold desert and also called the red plant it is the 4th planet.

I image what it was like with a machine invent by me it will contrail the cold air it not need a lot to do with it got no power.It will only work by cold air it will fill the hole planter into hot air and it will get hotter until there are no cold air.

On Mars was cool but back home will be much better.

leaving earth

On Earth we had a lot of good times but one day Earth was falling to pieces and it caused a lot of Earthquakes and Tsunamis.We felt it would be cool to see what is it was like in spaces. I would like to go to Mars but I heard that Mars was a cold desert and it is also called the red plant. It is the 4th planet from the sun.

I imagine what it was like with a machine invented by me. It will control the cold air. It will only work by cold air. It will fill the hole plantet into hot air and it will get hotter until there is no cold air.

On Mars it was cool but back home was much better.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Immersion Assembly

On Tuesday we were glad to be back at school. As we entered the hall for our Immersion Assembly we noticed that the teachers were dressed up in costumes. There were stars, moons and aliens. When we were in the all we sat down and waited. Mr Burt explained a story about the Manaiakalani stars, (the hook from heaven)

Suddenly Mr Burt announced the team 1 item. Their item was a movie about the sun. They were trying to paint a sun because they were searching for the sun.

As team 1 finished their movie Mr Burt announced team 2. Their item was a space rap about all the planets. It was a funny rap. I thought that the fake book boxes they were wearing on their heads and their robot dance moves made it funny.

Team 4 ‘s item was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from the Wiggles. I really liked the part when the were dancing. Their one was so fantastic. They were dancing like ballerinas doing twirls, leaps and pirouettes. Even Mr Marks was dressed up in a tutu.

After that it was team 5. Their item was about Star Wars. The teachers faces replaced the star wars actors’ faces. When they were doing the movie all of the school giggled and clapped. Finally Mr Burt came and he talked to us and then the Immersion Assembly was finish.

I think that learning about space this term will be great. I want to find out all about the stars.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Guess what we did in the weekend. I stayed at home with my family. Usually we stay home every weekend on Saturday and watch movies.This weekend we watched Tangle, Huge, and Grudge. Some of the movies were scary. The scariest one was The Grudge 2.

After morning tea we watched 2012. It was a movie about the end of the would.
An it was cool because when we watched it we shout the curtins so we can watch it .

As soon as it was night we played spot light. Takai was the spot light and he called'nt fine me and he got toni and toni was chairing to scary takai .

Finally I was tired so I went to bed. and as I entered my bed room I so my Nana cleaning the room. I got angry at her because lost my shoes and my bage but I find it it was in the wooddroup .

On Sunday I went to church with my sister. My church is called the Community church. First we did praying and singing. After the service we went to the hall to play games about friends.
At church we also had lunch. We had cookies, bananas, pears, and drinks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As they were approaching the whale, Michal thought the whale was close to death. But suddenly it forcefully exhaled, showing it was still alive.

The whale was tangled in a gill net. It was frightened and fatigued because she was unable to untangle herself. But even on the brink of death she was still potentially dangerous.

Michael decided to go swimming in the ocean to cut the gill net to let the whale go free. As they were cutting the net the whale was moving because
she wanted to be free . So Michal was moving the boat with his paddle. Then they where cutting throw the net .

When they went to cut the net the whale was up side down because it was trying to move around it was gasping for breath . She blowed because she had to.
After the whale was untangled the whale showed Michal and his family joy .She was doing 40 breaches ,and tail slaps and put on a magnificent display. The whale got to live happily ever After .It really showed Michal and his family that the whale was really grateful for them being there to help.


Hi my name is Sisilia and this is my friend. My best friends are Sarona, Martha and Efilona.
We have been best friends since we were little that was cool. I meet Efilona when she had a broken leg and she was in room 10. So I meet Sarona in room 9/11/14. She loved playing with me. My first friend was Martha in room 1. I didn't know her because she played with other friends .

Friday, September 2, 2011


On Friday we went to the hall for badminton. As we entered the hall I saw room 16 were playing badminton too. Lorene was there too. She was the first teacher to help us learn about badminton.
Lorene showed us how to hold the raquet to serve. After that we had to sit on the ground and try to hit the shuttle to your mate.You had to lean back, stretch and try to hit it back straight.
"Hit it straight Sarona," I said. But she kept on hitting it over to the teams beside us.

We played cool games like volley ball. I was excited. But the best game was the Hit, Run and Pass game. We hit the shuttle and had to run to the end of the line. You passed your racket down the line to the front. If we missed the shuttle we had to put our racket down in the middleof a circle on the floor and go to the back. We kept going until there was only one racket. "Oh no, we're going to lose," I said to Sarona.

I really liked badminton because we played cool games.

After that Lorene was away and Donna was there .

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walking to the hall late for Immersion Assembly the teachers were dressed up silly.  Mr J shouted out, "IRELAND!" It was funny . 
After that Mr Burt gave out tickets for the people who were sitting up. Then Pt England watched a movie. Mr Somerville, Mr Marks and Ms Squires were in it. They were really funny then Immersion Assembly was finished.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


On Wednesday Room 14 and 13 went on a trip to Motat. Before we hopped on the bus we all went to the hall to figure out what groups we were in. We also got to meet our parent helpers. Mele’s Aunty was taking care of our group. Without them we weren’t allowed to go. As we jumped off the bus we could see Stacy waiting for us by the door. After introducing herself she said, “Follow me.” We walked behind her in our class lines. I felt happy and excited about being at Motat!

First we went into the tactile dome. Room 14 went in first Juanita’s group was the first to go in. Eventually it was time for my group to have a turn. We had a look around at the olden day people. They were amazing. Afterwards we went into the mirror maze, which was next door to the game room. I could see 129 reflections of myself in the mirrors. I got lost in the middle of the maze until Martha came and grabbed me and together we ran to the finish line. then we had lunch and we went in to the room.

We had another look around Motat just before we had to leave. The bus was waiting for us on the side of the road. On the way back to school I thought about all the old buses and trains that other inventions I had seen. I really enjoyed the fun we had. I’m looking forward to going back next Term.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In the weekend I played rugby and touch, it was cool. I played with my cousin, they are next door. We went to play on the field put I was watching my sister and my cousin who were playing when I was on my bike.
When I was watching them I went across the road back home to get a drink for them. As I was going home I crashed into the tree and I got a scratch on my leg. I went across the road and I was crying all the way to the field. After that a boy came and played. He was in my cousins team and they were playing rugby.
Finally we went home to have a snack, then we went back again and they played touch, it was fun. The boy came to my house before my big sister and my Nana came to my house too.
Finally I had a shower and I was singing when I had a shower, because it was dark and the light would not come on.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glee Story

When my friends and I started Glee it was so cool. We worked hard to be in Glee. Sarona, Martha, Efilona and I we was so happy.
This year is different to last years Glee club and the 'Bring It On' dance crew came to Glee this year and they taught us some dance move. We had a picnic with everyone in Glee club, because it was the last day of Glee Club for Term 1.

Friday, May 27, 2011


All About Me

Immersion Assembly

“ Oh my goodness ! look at Mr Marks enormous robot arms,” I whispered to my friends Raeleen, Sarona, Efilona, Mele and Martha too. Point England school were in the hall waiting for the Immersion Assembly to start.
When it started it was team 3’s turn. I liked it when Ms Lavakula rapped to the school. They were dressed like a mad scientists, they looked funny.
Team 2 made a song up about apples, oranges and pears too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My swimming story

Guess what we did on Monday? We went to the pools. First we got into groups and the groups were A and B. I was in B. A went in the pool first. On entering the pool they were deliciously warm. When I was waiting for my turn I was shivering and shaking. After that it was my group’s turn and on entering the pool I pushed off the wall with a powerful kick. I swam and when I swam I was bobbing, bobbing around.
As I got out of the pool my teeth were chattering and chattering.
On Tuesday we went to the pools again. It felt difficult for me to swim.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

“ Oh my goodness ! look at Mr Marks' enormous robot arms,” I whispered to my friends Raeleen, Sarona, Efilona and Martha too. Point England school were in the hall waiting for the Immersion Assembly to start.
When it started it was team 3’s turn. I liked it when Ms Lavakula rapped to the school. They were dressed like a Mad scientists they looked funny. I liked team 2's made up song about apple, orange and pear too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the pools.

“Guess what my class did on Monday?” We went to the pools.First we got in groups the groups were A and B. On entering the pool I felt deliciously warm. As I pushed off from the side off the wall I started to glide gracefully across to the other side. “I made it,”I said.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Holiday Story

Hi my name is Sisila. My family and I are from Tonga, but i was born in New Zealand. One of my holiday highlights was Youth Pride at Tamaki College Rec Center. We play games like dodge ball, netball and touch. We were lucky enough to have a shared lunch. In December I’m going back there. I also had the time to make some art. I drew a girl from my imagination. Drawing is a favorite hobby of mine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

With Excitement I went to skate land. and as I put my roller-skate on I was move unsteadily. and when in the rink I fell on my back. and my older sister helped me skate and I got up an I was skateing around my sister then we give the skates to the man and then I went home.


With excitement I was waiting for my turn. It was nearly my turn and as I waited I was feeling chilly and wet . When I came up the steep steps I heard chatter echoing. When it was my turn I was happy.  I went in the pitch black tunneI and I was tumbling down the slide.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


On Friday Pt England school went to the beach to have a picnic. First we found a tree to put our classes bags next to. Martha, Sarona and I were juggling.

After that we were dancing with Mr Barks, then Sarona and Martha said, “It’s the year 5’s turn to swim at the beach.”

After that Efilona helped me to put my swimming togs on. We got changed. After that Martha’s Auntie came to the picnic and she said to Martha “can you babysit?”, then we did. Her Auntie went to the shop and came back with Martha’s mum.

Finally me and Martha had time to go and play. Mr Burt called Pt England to come and get their bags and sit down. He said that we were going back to school, then we walked back.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Holiday

On my holiday I went to the pool with my family. My mum went back home to get the food then they came back from home with some food. After that my family came out of the pool and we ate. After that we got in the pool again and started to play with the ball.
Finally we got out of the pool and got changed. After that we went home and thats the end of my holiday story. from Sisilia.