Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Article New's

Katy perry is a famous celebrities star. This pop star has had her latest music video out Dark horse. She’s criticised in the media for being offensive to Islam. This song Dark horse is offensive not just to Islam to Muslims people.

They want to make a change to the video dark horse for racist and offensive. Dark horse was released on September 17 2013. On the video Dark horse Katy perry burned a person from lighting him with  her hands. A man wearing a Allah pendant neck-less mean’s God which is written in Arabic.  Most Muslims saying “I Hate you your the worst celebrities star ever”.  

They are wanting to remove the Video dark horse from YouTube so the Muslim’s can be happy. Katy perry should watch her action’s with her video clip’s and offensive scene’s.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maths DLO

Click on this link to go on sisilia  Maths DLO.

Show Not Tell Setting

Sharon is 11 yr's old and play's soccer she hate's to clean her own room . One day she forgotten her Knee pads somewhere in her room. She is to disorganized to keep her room clean. She couldn't find her knee pad in her cupboard or in her closet.

I reached under her bed to see if my Knee-pads were there. Under her bed she couldn't see any thing but Darkness. So she puts her hand under bed and pulls out clothes .Finding her Knee pads she was getting to worried that she won't find her Knee pads in time for her championship game.

The End

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hi Welcome to FiaFia 2014 FiaFia is about having fun and enjoying yourself with friends. FiaFia is a day that we can celebrate our culture by bringing family along to watch your amazing performance. This year Fiafia was so packed that we had squash through to get to the other side.

As soon as Bollywood was finished it was our turn. I was so excited my palms were sweating. I could see crowds of people at the back. As the song started we got on stage and we started performing. I couldn't hear the adults cheering for us it was just friends dressed in there costumes cheering for us. But it was so much fun when the happy song came up.

After we got off we were watching all of the Samoan Tongan and Fijian groups performing. As we were watching the Tongan girls the little girls look so beautiful wearing the costumes that matched the senior Tongan girls. They were dancing like angels when the light was beaming down onto them. They had coconut oil on their hands face and legs.
I shouted, ” GO ASENA,” as loud as I could because the song was so loud. She looked so beautiful. 

Everybody at did so well at Fiafia and they tried their best to entertain family and friends out in the crowd. After the last performance by the middle kapahaka group crowds of teenagers who used to come to our school, and friends did a Haka Tautoko to finish our FiaFia day off.

The End

Monday, April 7, 2014

Google glasses

Google glasses is not just glasses it’s a Technology glasses that you can wear around the house.This google  devise that you can take photo’s and you can even skype a friend while you are taking a walk threw the park. you can controll it by speaking to it and use it like it a computer.

Google glasses is made to entertain people when ther going for long walks or going on a boring trip. It’s even has full WI-Fi so you can watch a video or go on twitter and other internet things.
Google Glasses can also help you by finishing your work online.

Google glasses cost  $1,500  with that kind of money I could of bought a boat or a car.
I would’nt buy google glasses because the Google glasses is just a interenet devise that you wear around. It’s just like going on google on your Ipad but sticked together with glasses on .

So google glasses can come in handy but most people get to addicted to ineternet and wearng it around. Google glasses is really fun to wear around and play on inerenet on when you first get it but you can get used to it. It will be a good devise to go on in the Holiday’s or weekends.