Friday, May 4, 2012

On Monday it was the first day of school. first we had immersion assembly in the hall . And all of the teachers  were dressed up in crazy costumes but some of them was funny.Then Mr Burt comes in with a crazy costume too and it was  a skeleton .

After that Mr Burt said “ give it up for team 1 item. It was so cool because we watched a movie and the teachers face was  painted with  spots, stripes,and was amazing .but my best part was watching cheddars with spots and Zebra with stripes .

Now it was time for team 3 item  they did painting on the stage and it was magic because she draws two picture at the same time. And she painted a flower but I don’t know what was the other one but it was amazing too.  
Then it was team 4 item their one was the best I liked it  because Ms Barks  was going somewhere and she had hebs  of suitcases and she was very worried about the text driver and she was so so funny and she arrived then she was in a airplane screaming  and then she arrived at the museum and there was a picture of a  balae and when Ms Barks was talking the picture was dancing behind her and it was fun.then she went to the stache of the samoan queen and it happened again the samoan queen was doing the dougie and the cat daddy and it was cool as.

now it was time for team 5 item Ms king was looking for the picture that she liked and Mr Marks ,Mr Somerville they  had something  on their nose.

Mr Marks and Mr Somerville they were wearing a pig nose and a duck nose and they had a picture of a duck and a pig Mr Somerville was a pig and Mr Marks was a duck and they put their head in the picture and everybody laughed and that was the end of team five .

After that it was team 6 item it was all about colors Mr Barks was wearing a light green and it was funny because Mr Barks was dancing .
thank you for reading my story.


  1. Sisilia can you please upload your video again as this one doesn't seem to work.

    Thank you.

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  2. hi Sisilia great story on your blog and great photo that you draw keep it up

    1. thank you chloe for commenting on my blog I wonder why we are friends

  3. Hi Sisilia
    Great story hope you write another great story next time.
    Keep it up girl