Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I do during School and home!...

At home when my mum is sleeping I clean up well my sisters and brothers are watching tv... And when its nightime my sisters cook food after that we have a shower and then we watch tv...But ... my mum always have people over  when we are in the lawnch ...So they always go in the kitchen ,. They talking for ever ...... when the voleunm gets higher they talk louder !......

In the morning when I wake up my brothers are still sleeping evan my mum .... But!.. sometimes we go school lait because my mum always tell me to clean my bed roombefore i go school well my dad is sleeping....

when I go school I always have to use my friends charger when my netbook goes flat...
At school we do writing then after morning tea we do maths then after launch we do topic....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

  • What I like learning with a net-book?. I learn with my netbook fixing my internet by myself I learn to go on websites when I finish my work learning with my netbook his good! What frustrates me? (x2) what frustrates when my keys does’nt work sometimes when I put my headphones on the sound does’nt work When I move netbook my screen goes red What will make it better? a better netbook then this one. a camera at the back of the netbook make my enternet connect faster How does school compare now vs before you had a netbook? it was betterbut when I start useing it I started to get frustrated . How could we use our netbook better? when I walk around with my netbook around the class I hold it with 2 hands when I take it home I but it in a netbook bage .

Sunday, November 18, 2012

thanks giving

On Sunday we had thanks giving in tamaki community church .they perform dancing and singing we played games . The Samoans an the Fijians performed was a great day every body was happy .we sange some songs it was a nice day and we ate nice food and it was someones birthday?.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seated Vollyball

As I dragged my amputated limbs across the line I hit the ball with 3 strikes . When I was watching them the court was smaller.Than net.Attacking the ball as it went over the net as it hits the ground.then the other team spiked with teamwork as it hit the hit the ground when it went over the net .as with victory and defeat served it when the hit it out.slipping and sliding around on our bottom when its gets hotter.when they won one of them said I love volley.

Monday, November 12, 2012


guess what we did on weekends ?!. when I entered rainbow ends we had a riske band so they know that we aren't allowed here.the first activity was the paired ship it was fun but I got butterflies in my tamie.the pirate ship was terrified and the pirate ship went up and down up and down and it went higher and higher and then it slowed down I was so terrified . after that it was time for the go carts I went on and the staff told us the rules and we went around 10 times and as I was going to park the go cart my cart slowed downed it had know becherel .


athlatics was so fun, the first activity was throwing it was fun I played with my old friends and the teacher for my group was ms clark .

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

class trip

The class went on a field trip to glen bray to learn more about art. the teachers of glen bray showed pictures of there students art .Suddenly the light went off and back on I wondered what happened?

on lunchtime rose sat by a tree . She heard something so she turned around and this man in a black suit  as the man grabbed  her the boy saw and ran told the teacher and ran out and the kidnapper drives off .The little boy chases after them on his bicycle?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sleep over?

Once there was a family with 10 daughters    they had to go and stay at their grandmas house for one day. This girl got adopted and the step sisters loved her but there were twins that hated her because they thought that she was mean. One day they went to the grandmas house and they wanted to camp out side so they camped next to a small graveyard. Then she saw her last name on the grave and she was so scared but they went for adventure and she knew that they were her great great great grandparents and she knew that her dad was there somewhere.

While on their adventure they rode a boat down a river, suddenly there was this big cave with a coffin and she knew that was her dads coffin and she was crying and crying and the ten girls were still on the boat and then something dragged her to a box full of pictures of her grandparents and her father, It was a big box and the girls were trying to rip it and luckily the twins had a sharp knife on their hats so they cut the box open and dragged the girl out onto the boat. When they went back the other twin was missing and then she appeared from nowhere so they traveled back.


The grandma went to get the shopping,  While she was gone the ghost of her father set a fire and the  the house burned down the the 11th  girl was in there and one of the twins ran in and gave the girl her jacket and sacrificed her life for the girl and the other twin was crying inside and she was a ghost that's why she wasn't here on the first day.

Her real mum came because she was a ghost and the fathers family was bad and they told the mum she was a ghost because the dad killed her and burned the house thats why she got adopted from ten girls but the twins died just for the adopted girl.

The end.

Monday, October 15, 2012

In the holidays I went to riverside camp and it was amazing .
on thursday we had a food fight and it was pouring wet but we stilled have food fight.
when we started jonathon put porridge and murde in my t-shirts. and lee but soup noodles on my face and I was laughing and it was pouring rain.
an we was running around trying to get them dirty or wet there was this big bin filled up with wet sponges  and there were throwing it at there faces .
that was my best day ever.!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

weekend camp

Hook: Guess what we did on the weekends?

In the weekend we went camp it was so rainy that it ran every single day.
As we got our stuff ready we hopped in the car and I was smiling with excitement .
when we got there I saw sarona  and her family with there bags next to the bus.
And then a another bus at the back of the other bus and we had to put how close in side and we waited and waited until our how church was here and it was so because my mum forgotten to pack my jumpers . As we got in the bus every body was excited and as we go there it was beautiful and I just notes when my sister said we are at Hamilton where mere mere is.
we had a hot dog and when we finished we went to the game room and it was cool my cabin was 2c it was so so cool and alot of people from our school came . this is the people from our school went.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

did you now in the paralympics they did wheel chair races.they used stranght in their muscles to go  therder .they were bobbing as they pushed to the finish race and as they strive threw the bane .as they were coming thought it must be hard to turn the wheels of the chair.As the crowd cheered the racers were racing with joy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

sausage sizzle

1: Entering the classroom I so room 15 cooking and the other haft doing there work.As they were cooking they were chopping onions  it made there eyes sure  .chopping onions the juice scrows out like a worm geting crush . the onion looked like the olymic rings and it taste not that good but I just like onions.

2: When we finished doing the onions we had to do the sausages we flipped them over . And as they flipped the sausages over  some of the sausage were hot.I can smile the sausages wafting threw the air and and I can nearly smile it from room 17 .sausages are really nice with onions but some of my class likes no onion just sauce .

3:then it was lunch time and mister marks gave the eople who ayed for it but he told me that if you want a sausage sizzle you can pay for it a nother day or you can ay 50c or 10c,20c.i

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Last week on monday lunch we had training as the bell rang for launch all the girls groaped their bags and rushed outside like animals. Then we went and got changed as we so Ms vaafusanga we helped carie the tags,belt  out .When we were walking we was talking about what to bring when we going to ourgames. She told us to bring mouth-garde, black shirts,and lunch after Wednesday it was thursday and we had training we went to the point england beach field it was nearby point england and as we entered the gate it was murdy so my team put their and we trained every single day until it reached Wednesday the 8th it was too wet so it was canslie and everybody had their gear but after lunch the sun came out and it was windy.

Sisilia @ Pt England School: Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem....

Sisilia @ Pt England School: Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem....: Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem. : R espect other people when you are around them... b E nice to visiters ... everyone S ...

Monday, July 23, 2012


The olympic symbols  represent  the five continents which are Africa , Asia
Europe , America, and Australasia . The ring colors are blue, yellow, black, green, and red which   represents each colour on the flags, like south africa green, Australia blue ,black New Zealand,red Egypt.                     

Thursday, June 28, 2012

art gallery

On thursday we went to the art gallery and as I entered the art gallery I went up onto the stage and I looked down and I so this  beautiful art. I noticed it on the screen and this work was a boys could Htawara in room 17.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


when we entered the youth town we had to get in groups there was Ms garden and  Mr Marks .The first activity was the pools When we hopped in the pools it was nice and warm and when the boys came in and they said”do you want to play tiggy”and we said” yes “ as we were playing it got colder and colder so me and laita decided to hop out .After that I went to the basketball court I somele so I went and played hoops as we were playing it was time for the clay room.As we entered the clay room I was so excited and as we were dicarating I so beautifull parttens and the class munlted and it was pretty cool and I said to myself” what am I doing for my clay work and laita gave me and IdearI did a flower and picific flower and laita said to me “ that is beautiful.

Once a upon a time there lived and  boy/ girl could selina   and she loved pets and one day she . she decided to go to the pet shop when the boy was at work. As I was looking around I suore a shadow across the door. Suddenly  the curtain claps  and everything was pitch dark and lucky I had a torch .When  she looked around she started to shake and I had butterflies in my tummy  then the shadow cold my name sisilia hey girl hey girl and I said “ who are you “ and no one answer TEN SECONDS  ago aplaket just flew out from nowhere and went over me and I just got tired because someone hit me in the head.and I heard aliens but I didn’t believe alien so I went to look around and I notes that aI had a collar around my neck and a dog bowl and I said to myself” is a alien using me as a pet ? oh no.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter . He also enjoyed painting the same subject and lanscape . Each painting apturad a moment in time. Each show diffrent colors and light.

The famous painting of the japanese bridge that showed an arch bridge with a poned under it .It would have trees sorrowing the poned . Each season the poned would change with leaves falling into the poned . In the summer the water would be warm with light shining into the sufes .

Claude Monet lived in Giverny . he liked to paint beautiful water garden . Because how the water moves reflect the world on how it changes colors in the sun. He painted over and over again.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Paul jackson Pollock was a famous drip painter in america in New York city and his day of birth : (January,28 1912) even the age of 44 he died in a car crash in August 11 1956 .  During his lifetime in 1945 he was married to the lovely artist Lee Krasner . Jackson pollock  was alcoholic person and jacksons
mum and dads name is Stella Mae (McClure) and LeRoy Pollock.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Robert Delanuay

Robert  Delaunay was  a french painter and he was a writer too.His wife name was Sonya.he used Art form called Morphism and he vibrant colors and geometric colors shapes was apart of his life.Also he was a writer and poet.

he like to use vibrant colors to bring his artwork  to life .
He likes contrasting two different colors together to oppose each other and he also like to use geometric shapes.

In the painting of the tall portuguese woman
on the left side of the picture is a leaf.

Friday, May 4, 2012

On Monday it was the first day of school. first we had immersion assembly in the hall . And all of the teachers  were dressed up in crazy costumes but some of them was funny.Then Mr Burt comes in with a crazy costume too and it was  a skeleton .

After that Mr Burt said “ give it up for team 1 item. It was so cool because we watched a movie and the teachers face was  painted with  spots, stripes,and was amazing .but my best part was watching cheddars with spots and Zebra with stripes .

Now it was time for team 3 item  they did painting on the stage and it was magic because she draws two picture at the same time. And she painted a flower but I don’t know what was the other one but it was amazing too.  
Then it was team 4 item their one was the best I liked it  because Ms Barks  was going somewhere and she had hebs  of suitcases and she was very worried about the text driver and she was so so funny and she arrived then she was in a airplane screaming  and then she arrived at the museum and there was a picture of a  balae and when Ms Barks was talking the picture was dancing behind her and it was fun.then she went to the stache of the samoan queen and it happened again the samoan queen was doing the dougie and the cat daddy and it was cool as.

now it was time for team 5 item Ms king was looking for the picture that she liked and Mr Marks ,Mr Somerville they  had something  on their nose.

Mr Marks and Mr Somerville they were wearing a pig nose and a duck nose and they had a picture of a duck and a pig Mr Somerville was a pig and Mr Marks was a duck and they put their head in the picture and everybody laughed and that was the end of team five .

After that it was team 6 item it was all about colors Mr Barks was wearing a light green and it was funny because Mr Barks was dancing .
thank you for reading my story.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am  looking forward for Ester and even the Holidays too.  I really like the holiday because you take a day of .and we have fun on the holidays sometimes people  go to other islands .

I really like the holidays because my sisters come in your car and we go shopping and its really fun ,

  I really like ester but not that much because of the chocolate .And  sometimes we play ester egg hunt and its really really cool. even you can make ester eggs with your mum or your Auntie.
And  I hope you will have fun in the holidays too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What  are you looking forward to the most about camp?
I look forward for camp for the Activity like swimming at swimorama and kayaking on PT.England beach will be so cool and funny because we can bush them of the kayak and we start laughing.

And  I really like meeting new friends because they are so funny and cool sometimes we have a fight but we get back as bff.I really excited for camp this week but this week is different because we news to go away to rock climbing and back but we have to do the PT.England activity now . I am looking forward for this hear camp and it will be so much fun for me and my friends.

what are you nervous about most in camp?
I am nervous about camp is preforming a dance for the concert and I am nervous about camp is finding out you is sleeping in the camp with other children's that we have to meet and be friends that i don't now. and I really really nervous
about sleeping out side that is pretty scary for me to sleep in darkness.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sisilia movie

In the hall

On Monday we went to the hall with Ms M then we saw Mr Marks setting up ropes and cones.After that Mr Marks was explaining what to do and where to go but we had to be blind fold. It was girl vs boys and we were so excited to have a turn  
The first one was Henry he keeps falling  when hes walking and we keep laughing.Then it was Aldora and Ana they were so funny because Aldora keeps laughing at Ana.then it was the next children and next and next then it was me and Sarina’s turn  we were so nervous.

first we went up the on the bench after that we went pass the ropes over the big wheel and Sig sag around the cones and under the blue sheet and over the mat and up the steps suddenly I fall down the steps when I was going up  and my knee began to hurt then as I got up the stage we had to jump of the stage and on to the blue felt like I was going to jump of a cliff.and I felt so scary. then it was my turn to do Sarona it was funny because Sarona was so funny.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

sisilia picnic

On Friday it was picnic day for how hole school . As we started walking  along a line Mr Burt was leading us to point England beach. wear we have the picnic. And it was fun. because people was convoy  of chaotic crazy children's running around the Field .  As we were walking suddenly it was about to rain but we still  walked in a line and  children were still running around and talking then we got to the beach.

Mr Burt was telling us the rules where to go and why because
When we got there Mr Burt  told the hole school wear to play,sit,eta.and go toilet. Then when he finish  explaining we all started to find a please to sit and when we finish finding a spot to sit on we started to play around the field and when we were playing around I saw efilona she was next to the music and it was to loud that I couldn't hear efilona speak. and when we were siting down and listening to music we were so tired that we wanted to go down to the beach.

As we got there I saw wakatere. bronq martha they were playing together . And then I saw Kaycee  playing by her self on the water and I wanted  to go  play with her so I did.Then me an Kaycee were playing throws she always throw it to the deep end. and then I went to the sand and I saw a ball and I thought I am alwayed to play with it so I talk it . then I went in the water and we rolled it to each other then  Kaycee throws the ball to the other side of the deep end and me and Kaycee had how uniform on so the teacher didn't let me and Kaycee get it. Suddenly Mr Harris came from no wear and ran in to the beach and he saw the ball and he started to run in the beach and he reached for the ball and he got it and he throw it to Ms V and Ms V grueled at Kaycee and Mr Harris was splashing water at me and Kaycee when Ms V went.

After that we went up to the field and we were so hungry then Mr J said " there is same fruit fall you 's . and there were plums apple peaches" an water. when I got a fruit It was so yummy and I had five plums and one peach. and it was good.

before it was so fun because we had no school work so on picnic they was like a free time we get to do everything and we get to play around a and listen to music that was my best day ever.
I felt excited on the first they of picnic it was so fun and my hole school gets to play every wear cool. the end

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

google search

1. first you have to go on google and search dogs
3.Then when you click on the cog wheels. Click the wheel and on the bottom it says advanced search click on that.

4.and when you click it this color came’ s up Then this shows up then click on the box that says only labled for reuse after that you click search image .

5. this is hell you can take a screen short contral 4 . And now you have a photo that you can have now for your storys.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


My kiwifruit looks like a brown fluffy ball because  its harry. When I cut the kiwifruit in half the inside looked like a cats  eye. The skin looked like a hedgehog. 

The  kiwifruit  feels like a  teddy bear  when you touch it . This kiwifruit felt firm like an orange. When I held it it felt Harry and  squishy .

When I ate it I said “delicious”. It tasted like a dripping orange that is sweet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sisilia R.E.S.P.C.T pouem.

Respect other people when you are around them...
bE nice to visiters ...
everyone Strive to secceed ...
Purua to potae people...
kEep it real and take change...
Champions never give up...
chuck iT  in the bin

Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem.

Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem.: R espect other people when you are around them... b E nice to visiters ... everyone S trive to secceed ... P urua to potae people... k E ep...

Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem.

Sisilia @ Pt England School: sisilia RESPECT poem.: R espect other people when you are around them... b E nice to visiters ... everyone S trive to secceed ... P urua to potae people... k E ep...

sisilia RESPECT poem.

Respect other people when you are around them...
bE nice to visiters ...
everyone Strive to secceed ...
Purua to potae people...
kEep it real and take change...
Champions never give up...
chuck iT  in the bin