Friday, March 21, 2014

Oscar Pistorius

1. Famous Athlete

Oscar Pirtorius was famous in the Paralympics and was also known as the Blade runner.
He won 2 gold medals at the London paralympics last summer. At that time he was going out with a girl named: Reeva Steenkamp she was also famous for modeling.

He had killed her girlfriend Reeva steenkamp at Pretoria south africa on valentimes day 2013.
They were at there Hotel asleep as he heard someone in the bathroom ssaw he got out his gun hand shot her threw the door three or four shot’s have been fired. As went to look who is it Reeva steenkamp was on the ground with blood all over her. He screamed and started shouting saying Oh no what have I done.

As he look’s back for all the trails and talking about how he killed her he had gone threw to much. As they showed and told him how did he kill her and why he hung his head down and his hands were blocking his ears so he wouldn't listen to how or when did he kill Reeva.

Math DLO

Show Not Tell

Emily and Laura
Laura was getting ready to go to the mall. As she was getting ready Emily was sitting on the couch watching so Laura went to get her bag in the lounge. Emily  said “ where you going today. Laura Replied I'm going to The mall to buy some clothes and some other things I need.Emily said” can I come , Laura said ”NO” Emily  Clinched her fist and role her eye’s.

Emily said” WAY “ Laura Said” ? Because you are to annoying and I don’t want to go to other store’s looking for you. Emily begged “ Please Please can I come I wont be annoying or Loud. Laura Replied “ NO”. Emily stomped her foot ,  Grinned    and Slammed the door of her bedroom.


Keri woke up on a Saturday morning as checked the alarm clock sitting on her little Table next to her bed . It was 6:30 oh just in time for my second to last netball trail as she went to tick her calender off. So she got changed in to her netball clothes and got her netball shoes and ran down stair’s. Keri asked” Mum can you take me to my Netball trail”, Yes” Mum Replied.

As I got out to the car I saw my team across the court Walking towards them I started getting nervous  and the my palms of my hand started to tickling as I grabbed the my holding my netball shoes. As I got there my couch said” everybody be setted “. So as every girl was setted we She said The last trail is  pus-ponded to today so we are going to pick the netball team. She started getting scared and thought’s was flowing threw my head saying” I'm not going to make it “and saying” I'm not sure”.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Friendly, noisy, annoying , a dreamer
Sibling to 6 brothers and 5 sisters    
Who loves dancing , music, playing , and Botany,
Who feels sad when someone bullies me , 
and feels sad when my friends get hurt.    
Has been to Hamilton, Otahuhu , and Pakuranga.
Who needs Choirs,
Who hates  spiders and sharks ,  
Who would someday like to go travelling and shopping,
Resident of Auckland City


Who loves family and friends, animals and God
Who hates bullies
Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower
Who wants to meet a dancer named: Paris Goebel
Who is scared of walking out at night
Who dreams to be a dancer with all of my best friends
Who is determined to make sport teams at school
Who values God
and my self
Who loves reading
A resident of Panmure

Friday, March 7, 2014


I was sleeping because I was getting tired for watching TV.It was very Hot that day the sun was shunning into the curtains. There were a big bottle filled with water right next me. I was thinking for what to do in the Holidays. Should I  go over to my friends or stay home.

Day 2.
Along came group of girls laughing than it went silent straight away. Knock, Knock I ran and open the door " Hi said"Sarona. So I walked out side so we can talk. Than we talked and Talked about secrets and than they  wondered "do you want to go pools it a very hot day to day" and I said" sure"

So we got our stuff and walked to the pools. As we got there we went to the toilets and got changed after we got changed we jumped into the pool. Than we started having swimming race's the first one to the end of the pool is the winner. Kicking and splashing threw the water I was the only one in front of them. Than I started slowing down than Chloe won.

Than we hopped out of the pool and walked down to the fish and chip store and we bought Hot chips.Than we walked home as we were eating our hot chips. We all enjoy and had fun today The end.