Friday, March 21, 2014

Oscar Pistorius

1. Famous Athlete

Oscar Pirtorius was famous in the Paralympics and was also known as the Blade runner.
He won 2 gold medals at the London paralympics last summer. At that time he was going out with a girl named: Reeva Steenkamp she was also famous for modeling.

He had killed her girlfriend Reeva steenkamp at Pretoria south africa on valentimes day 2013.
They were at there Hotel asleep as he heard someone in the bathroom ssaw he got out his gun hand shot her threw the door three or four shot’s have been fired. As went to look who is it Reeva steenkamp was on the ground with blood all over her. He screamed and started shouting saying Oh no what have I done.

As he look’s back for all the trails and talking about how he killed her he had gone threw to much. As they showed and told him how did he kill her and why he hung his head down and his hands were blocking his ears so he wouldn't listen to how or when did he kill Reeva.

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