Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Martin Luther King

This Year is the anniversary of the speech “I HAVE A DREAM!” This  speech was made by the famous Martin Luther king .

Martin Luther king was born in the year 1929, January 15. But sadly in the year of 1968, April 4, he was assassinated by american criminal  James earl ray. but before his time had come to an end, he established his dream, by  protesting against racial equality . Because...

Right in the moment when Martin Luther king was still alive,there white poverty, for his people & prosperity for the white. Meaning that white were wealthy and happy, but the dark people were sent into  a land of poverty. Which is why  Martin  Luther King had to make a stand  with that, stand , he made and outstanding  speech., Know as, “ I HAVE A DREAM”

In  a bus filled with black and white people . As there were no more seats for the whites a black person had to own up for there seat for a white person. They tried putting up signs  so the black and white people can got to the same restaurant or even go to the same school.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Film making With Ms King.

Laita, Serenity, and Sislia from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

watching Mele  Me and Laita singing I thought they can improve with sound effect to make it better. I enjoyed watching our movie its really amazing that we finished it on time so the seniors can watch it.  There movie conveyed really amazing because they sang butter -fully.

We did really well with the steadiness shot from in front of us. we need to improve to sound equality. it will look nice if we just put a back ground to go with it. I was very happy that the seniors enjoyed watching .

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Thursday the 22nd of august we had Cross Crountry Race for 2013. Getting ready we all got dressed into our house colours. I was in Te Aroha, Waiting until th yr 2 and 1 were runing . all the senior block went to the other side of the field so we can see the Kids running across us.

Then it was time for the yr 4& 5s they all lined up where the line waiting until Mr Burt pushed the alarm. Then the yr 6 then it was The yr 7 turn lineing up we all walked to the line and stood there. My hands were shaking as I was standing there my hart was beating faster and faster.

“I was nerovs and my head was saying to me you can do it”. As the alarm went i sprinted as fast as i could so i want come last . As I was running my supporters were cheering for me along the cone lines. I can feel the squishy and slimmy mud running threw my toes.

I was exhausted and sweating running towards a log i jumped over it. running ahead I caught up to Ane Annliz and hopei ran with them  then they sprinted away from me because they were near the finish line . I ran past the park and up the hill and past the finish line. It was amazing

Friday, August 9, 2013


Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed?
I enjoyed the art and carving. It’s very fun Designing your own design.
It’s awesome because my friends enjoy’s the fun that we have with Ms Tito. I sometimes spend time with my best friends when we are doing our Art and Carving.
Black Hat - Which things didn't I like?
Most of the time we have to Pack up. Sometimes the boys in room 20 has to ruin the fun. Sometimes my friends keep talking when they haven't even finished there art or carving. It gets noise sometimes when we do our art.
Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week?
What was Interesting about This weeks. It was very interesting learning about Samoan, Polynesia. Learning about mixing designs to gather and Islander art. It very awesome working and learning about the Pacific.