Wednesday, February 26, 2014


On the 6th of February 1840 there was a Treaty between Queen Victoria of England and the Maori people. The 40 Chiefs gathered around and discussed whether or not  to sign the treaty of Waitangi. The signing of this contract or agreement  was trying to solve some problems for new Zealand at that time.

One of the problems  was lawlessness. New Zealand was dangerous for the people to live in because there were drunk sailors and lots of people selling muskets. There were Europeans who wanted food and also land.  There was musket wars  between Maori tribes.

  There were 3 principles in the treaty. They were the  three P’s; Participation  & Partnership  & Protection.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pt England Way


Long ago in 2000 and 2001. We used to call the Pt England way, belonging to Pt England school, Otalani Meleisla was one of Mr Burt's friend who help to write some  of the idear's about Pt England way. So Pt England way is all about how you can be a good role model in and around place’s.

Each year in assembly Mr Burt always come’s up with an korero for ours school like this year our korero is: Put You Self In There Shoes.  It means to be kind to others around you. Be a good friend to everybody around you too. Pt England way is take charge and Respect the teachers and visitors. Help one another in class so they can have time to play on lunchtimes.


purpose’s  mean we have to be a good students in Pt England school. We have to prepare us for the future saw if you follow the Pt England way you will get somewhere in life. We all belong together as a Pt England family.

preparing our self for the future we have to act like a good role model to the kids around.We have to understand what they are feeling.  Also Pt England way is all about the ability to understand and share the feelings of another like Empathy.