Thursday, June 21, 2012


when we entered the youth town we had to get in groups there was Ms garden and  Mr Marks .The first activity was the pools When we hopped in the pools it was nice and warm and when the boys came in and they said”do you want to play tiggy”and we said” yes “ as we were playing it got colder and colder so me and laita decided to hop out .After that I went to the basketball court I somele so I went and played hoops as we were playing it was time for the clay room.As we entered the clay room I was so excited and as we were dicarating I so beautifull parttens and the class munlted and it was pretty cool and I said to myself” what am I doing for my clay work and laita gave me and IdearI did a flower and picific flower and laita said to me “ that is beautiful.

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