Thursday, June 21, 2012

Once a upon a time there lived and  boy/ girl could selina   and she loved pets and one day she . she decided to go to the pet shop when the boy was at work. As I was looking around I suore a shadow across the door. Suddenly  the curtain claps  and everything was pitch dark and lucky I had a torch .When  she looked around she started to shake and I had butterflies in my tummy  then the shadow cold my name sisilia hey girl hey girl and I said “ who are you “ and no one answer TEN SECONDS  ago aplaket just flew out from nowhere and went over me and I just got tired because someone hit me in the head.and I heard aliens but I didn’t believe alien so I went to look around and I notes that aI had a collar around my neck and a dog bowl and I said to myself” is a alien using me as a pet ? oh no.

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