Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Good Friends

Good friends like to laugh, talk and tell secret to each other. They are someone that we can share our stupidest and embarrassing moments. The one thing I like about my friends we have different personalities. We like to hang out every weekends and go places like swimming pools and each others house.

My friends are empathetic they help in different kind of ways. Always understand how I feel and cares for me when I'm sad. They act like their selves when they are around me. When I am upset I can always go to them because they always listen to what I have to say. Friends are mates that we hang around with on our spare times and go to birthdays or to each others houses. If we had no friends their well be no one to talk to and share secrets or hang out. Best friends are tight and shares stuff with each other.

Good friends can also be your cousin, Auntie or your mum and dad. Some of the people I know their best friend is their pet dog or cat so a good friend can be anyone. Its always fun to have a good friend around you so that you can have fun. A good friend trusts you and want spread rumors and will always be there for you. Its always have a person that you can trust and be your best friend.

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