Thursday, August 14, 2014






Seated with excitement the whole senior school were already waiting for the performance to begin. Stage lights were beaming down onto the Kahurangi Dance Group performers as they came out and introduced themselves, saying that they  came from a from a place  called Hastings in the north area.

After introducing themselves they started off with a song. Every body was so silent while they sang loudly. They had amazing harmonies and perfect pitched voices. They sang their Maari song so loudly and very proudly to us. The Kahurangi performers also had a powerful voices well they were singing.

Clapping for there amazing performance we were wowed by how strong and precise they were. started off with a game. Picking out 3 volunteers they had to act like fierce Warriors and repeat what Jordan the warrior’s moves. The had to take one stick each Korobeau had to stand on the left and Auri had to stand on the right and Mr  Goodwin had to stand in the middle.

Well turning and twisting the stick, Jordan did a squeaking noise it sounded like a rat running around. Know Auri, Korobeau and Mr Goodwin had to repeat what Jordan the warrior did. Well twisting and turning the stick the all did the squealing sound. As they did the squealing  everybody in the hall was laughing I couldn't stop laughing.

Filled with laughter well they were still repeating after Jardon the lead  singer and guit

 After singing there beautiful harmonies we finished off with a amazing moari song.

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