Friday, August 1, 2014


Para 1: Diving is a sport of jumping or falling into the water off a springboard or platform. Diving is a sports that is part or the olympics sports. This event was apart or the olympics sports ever since 1904.

Strength, Kinesthetic, Awareness , Air  Awareness
Para 2: Diving is the most properly olympics sports with the most spectators. The competitors perform the same characters as each other including flexibility, kinesthetic and air awareness. Some or the divers were gymnastics and dances so there Diving, Acrobatics, sports falling into water, platform, springboard, internally inter nathera sport., part of olympics since 1904, spectators , Popularuse to what they perform because it kind or the same thing as diving.

1 meter 3meter springboard, diving comps, Platform, Olympics, no 1 meter diving.
Para 3: Steady on the platform she has to do 1 meter diving  and also 3meter springboard. focus was to perfectly 1m and 3m for the divers. There was also no 1 metre dive well standing on the platform for the Diving competiters for olympics.  

preform, numbers diving, summer slats , twist, judge, all aspects, a of splash made, entry of water. Para 4: As the driver jumped off she twisted and made a splash of entering the water. The judges score the competitors by there twits and all the aspects. Also it is scored by the splash that has been made for the entry or the dive.

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