Thursday, August 21, 2014


Seated waiting until the Kahurangi show to begin. Lights beaming down on to the Kahurangi group as they came out. Lips sealed as the introduced themselves to us they had beautiful costumes that were designed in moari patterns.

Few minutes after the introduced they played a game. They picked out 3 volunteers Mr Goodwin, Korobeau and Auri. The hole yr six to gate clapped as they walked out. Jordan was one of the Kahurangi members he gave out the sticks, also lucky he put them in there spots.

Twisting and turning there sticks they repeated after Jordan he was doing Moari moves with the sticks. As they were flicking there sticks about they had to repeat the squealing sound sound that Jordan did. Everybody was filled with laughter that we couldn't stop laughing when they carry on repeating after Jordan.

Finally it was time to go. They finished off with a little bit laughter and a amazing song. There voice's were so powerful and a fantastic role model. They were funny and beautiful in there amazing designed costumes.

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