Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Kabaddi is aggressive and skilful game that indians and other people play. You need to have the agility and strength to speed threw the kabaddi game.  The indian game a loud's you to takle and defend your selves.

Kabaddi is known as attacking the object but returning safely to the other side.  The world kabaddi is original name kai ( hands ), pidi ( catch) and Sanskrit means holding hands. They have to have a strategy around the squared field so they can win a point for there team. This Kabaddi game have not change since  but  we discovered that this game is 4,000 years old. It is a very popular game in the south asian and in indian villages. Kabaddi test’s how fast you are from getting away from the linked up object.

They use rugby takle's and wrestling skills to get the person down and win a point for your team in kabaddi. They participate  in America, England , Iran , Italy and other parts of the world even new zealand. Kabaddi starts with 4 people linked up. As they are linked up one of the person from the other team has to tag one of the linked up up person. Trying to get to them the linked up person has to either takle them down or hold them back from getting pasted the line.

Kabaddi has a squared field. So the player trying to get away has to side step and dodge them to get across the line. While dodging we have to hold one breath to there and back. Now you know how to play and how to defend yourselves when your playing kabaddi.

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