Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth games

1. What were the first team sports played at the Commonwealth Game?

2. What is the Commonwealth Games Motto?

3. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
Saint Andrew

4. Who are these famous scots?
a) Robert The Bruce is a famous Calgary Statue. He was born on July 11th 1274 then he died on  June 7th 1329. He was the most famous warriors of his generation. Also he was leading the wars of Scottish against England.
b) Robert Burns was a poetry and a lyricist writer. He is known as the national poet of scotland and He is worldwide. His death was on july 21th 1796 in United Kingdom known as UK.
c) William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leader. He died on August the 23th 1305. He was born in Elderslie United Kingdom and his height was 1.95

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