Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly 2014

On the beginning of term we had Immersion Assembly.
 Immersion Assembly is about teacher's dressed up in diffident costumes and acting. For term 2 our topic this term is Sound's so we going to learn about what make's sound's and how do it come out of music device's like headphone's ,phones and mp3 players.

So Walking into  Assembly  hall with my class there were balloon's hanging around and there was a little toy car that was tied up with balloon's to see if it can rise to the the sealing. So as they added more and more balloon's it when up to the sealing.  And we sat down and got ready to see the team 1,2,3,4 and 5.

As everybody was setted Mr Burt was talking to us about what is our topic this term is about. Than Mr Burt prayed about everybody's safe when they go home and having a happy day. And we all said"Amen". Mr Burt said" It's team 1 term yea". There movie was about the zoo like diffident kind of animals and what does animal's eat.

My favourite Performance was team 5 there did sound's there had there own instrument's and Mr Bark's had a big one it was funny. Watching the teacher's performance was cool and entertaining. So our topic this year is sound's. So we are going to find out about sound's and science.

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