Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Sound is made from different volumes and beats. The sound vibrate through to your ear drums and travels through to little hairs which sends converted electrical signals to your brain. Sound goes through the wires of the earphones. Air molecules is two or more atoms to perform a element. Sound helps people to use echolocation to contact things from afar. The sounds of the amplitude is rising or setting the sound volumes of the sound devices.

Sound waves travel in through the wires when it reaches the top it goes threw the little holes on the Radio and it will let the beat out. Sound wave travel through lots of different devices like mp3 player, radio and Ipads. Frequency of the waveband radio signals are transmitted to the high pitch and lower pitch sound waves.

Most people say sound can only travel through inner atmosphere?. We have natural medium in our world but out in the solar system there is no natural medium. So Astronauts contact by useing eletromagnetic energy. Also electromagnetic energy does not need a medium to communicate.

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