Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Science Road Show

Hey we got science road show down at Tamaki Collage and it is going to be awesome.
on Thursday we went the science road show down at Tamaki Collage. The teachers told us that there is going to be different activity to do there. We left at around 12 to go to the science road show.

As we got to Tamaki Collage we walked into the hall and sat on the other side of the hall. We notice that we can see the other year 7 and 8 on the other side of the hall siting down in there sets. when we sat down inside the hall there were sign's standing on the side of the devices and technology that we are gonna learn about.

There were some experiment that liked and the first experiment I liked was when the road show started they talked about how gas , Water , and our body's. We were talking about a liquid gas and other technology that's about science. A lady poured in the liquid into the box of blue water and the water was rising and it settled down and changed color's into yellow.

The next experiment was a about can you melt steel with just fire or melt steel with a lot of fire. First they used the fire to melt the steel but it didn't work than they melted it with fire that was coming out of a silver metal object. than the steel melted.
Than it was time to go look for the different activity around the tamaki hall. So we all got an little card so when we finish clicking them we put it in a little box. So we ran around and we looked on the list of the card there were three different things. I couldn't remember the first and the second but the last experiment was about to balls on top hanging on a string with water. and on the bottom there is 2 balls in the circle containers with no water. the top ones were swinging to the sides of the container and the bottom ones were swinging in the middle of the container.

It was really fun learning about different experiments about different technology's.

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