Friday, June 7, 2013

Basketball With My Best Friends.

On Wednesday launched time we played basketball with my friends.
As we were playing we had to threw the ball in the middle so we can catch it. As Shinika tossed the ball up Chloe hit it to Doris and Doris bounced the ball until Gianna came and started to try and get the ball.

Then she passed it to Sarona so she can get a goal. When she throw it up to get a goal it went over to Raeleen and she caught it then she tried to get the goal I hit the ball over to the back of her and got the ball and threw it to get a goal.

Then I catches the ball and got a goal. We were going on and on until
Chloe wanted to play a Maori game so she sat down at the side of the courts with Ane playing a hand game. Me, Sarona,Doris wanted to play basketball so we started to just get a goal from long Distance.

As we were playing we told the girls to come play with us but they were too busy playing hand game so we played basketball with Sarona. It was me and Doris challeng sarona it was very hard because she played basketball every launch.But then the bell rang for class time so we still started shooting.

Then we walked back to class and we got a drink and it was cool but when they went it was very boring but it was fun at the same time I like hanging out with best friends they are very nice but not around other people.

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