Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Netball game

On Tuesday the Third of June we had a netball game again at St John netball court. As we were walking we had to wait at the tuck shop so our other girls come. Then Taamai, Tayla, Shinika, and Ane was already waiting so we waited until our coach came so we can get ready to warm up.

As Ms Adams came we all grabbed our little bags and got our clothes and ran to the toilets to get changed. Then Taamai was already changed and we had to wait for the other girls to get changed after they got changed we rushed out and we started passing the ball around in a circle.

We were passing it to each other then Ms Adam called us and we all ran to her and she said walk to the court 18 so we ran. As we got there we were missing Serenitie but she came on time so we warmed up and excising and we started our game when the Remuera Int Red.

As they came we went in position I was Wing Defends. So As we're playing Ane passed it to the Shinika then she passed the ball to me and I threw it back to Shinika but it was too high.  Then it was the green teams ball so so the other girl from the other school passed it to the goal attack.

But Tayla caught the ball and I was running around trying to get the so I stepped to the other side then I ran right then Tayla threw the ball to me then I threw it to Anamei. As Anamei got the ball she threw it to Taamai then Taamai missed the ball then the other got the ball and threw it down to the Wing attack got the ball and threw it to GA and they got a point.

It was cool but on the last game we lost but we did everything that we can do but I hope that next time we will do well. Well Done to our girls who played Tuesday night it was cold but nice.

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