Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Sleep Over at Church

Last Saturday the 4th we had a sleepover at my church. As we arrived we thought that it was charged to wednesday Then we saw Ms Forbes and Ms Clark coming with her sleeping gear and then she told us to open the door with the key. So we opened the door and went inside and made our beds because it we were the first won there, My sister notices that the couch had a bed inside so she taked the cushions off and got the legs of the bed and we pulled it out and we got our stuff out of the bed and we started making it.

Then Sarona,Ane and Yrone came with their bags and we put their blankets on the bed and we lay on the bed talking. Then Sesalina wanted to go to the shops across the road and she went and bought 3 lollies bags and we hid it behind our pillows and went out.  We played connect four it was boring then it started to get darker so it was dinner time.

On dinner time we had to wash our hands and we sat down on the table waiting for our turn to go up. we went first we had potato and other things it was very nice. Then when they were finished eating some people went for seconds so I went up and I only got potato and salad. then we had dessert we had apple pie and blueberry pie and hokey pokey and chocolate ice cream. it was very nice and yummy I liked eating the blue berry then we had movie night we watched A cartoon movie.

It was cool movie but I went with Ms Forbes to do the popcorn. We had to put the popcorn inside the mikewave so it can cook then we took it out and there was seed of the popcorn. So I went into the hall then I started to walk around giving them popcorn then we made some more and Me and Sarona and Ane took turns taking the popcorn to then we got tired and we brushed our teeth and went to bed .

As we went to bed we got the lollies out and we ate it but we shared it with the other kids that came to the sleep over. It was very cool I liked sleeping on the bed because it was very warm and we shared our blankets . And when we went to wake up it was nice and dark it was 6: 30 and we read the bible and we were taking turns reading it was lovely.

I hope that next time we go to the mountain last year was more better.


  1. Hi Sisilia
    That is really cool. you did great what your drawing.
    Keep up the great work. :D

  2. Hi Sisilia
    I was just reading your writing about my sleep over at church. I remember how I went to the sleep over to it was so fun and I really like your picture you drawed of Me,Ane,Sesalina and you. Great work Sisilia hope you post some other cool stuff about you going to a sleep over.