Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Own Fairy Tale

Once there lived a little boy called John he was so small that he could fit through a little mouse hole. One Day he was following a little mouse that had just ran through a hole. As he got to the entrance to the hole he hid beside a little tin can. As he was hiding at the back of the tin can he looked inside of a big hole and he saw mouse houses and shops and mice dressed up in clothes. Then he laughed and it was very loud so the mice grabbed him and pulled him into the mouse hole.

Then they threw him into a dirty little cage. Three days later they took him out and sent him to the Kingdom where the little king mouse lived. As the guards walked in to the kings kingdom the king heard squeaky footsteps Then he shouted. WHO IS DISTURBING ME? As the guards were dragging him in he stood up and he saw a Beautiful mouse girl who was a servant who worked for the king.

Then the king came out and saw the little boy John so he told him to be a servant like the little mouse girl. As they were working John introduced him to the little mouse girl. Her name was Ashley. She lived with her ugly stepsisters and her evil mother they were invited to have breakfast with the king. They were very rich but all Ashley ate was leftover food.

So the next day they went up to the kings kingdom and John and Ashley had to serve breakfast to the king. As they were serving one of the ugly step sister tripped over Ashley.  So she had to scrub the floor with a her hat.Then both of them they had to finish their jobs on 3pm. While Ashley came back from work she ran in her room and started to cry because she had a terrible life.

Then she walked into her dads library and right across the hallway she heard her mum with her ugly stepsister talking about The Ball. she said to don’t tell Ashley . The next day they got ready for the ball and then they told her that she isn't a loud too go to the ball. She ran outside to go across to John's house and told him about the ball and then he got ready and she said that she had nothing to wear so she ran home crying.

After that the evil stepmother and the ugly step sisters  went to the ball . Then from out of nowhere the fairy god father appeared and said” to Ashley you're going to the ball”. Then he swinger his won and then he pointed it to Ashley then she ahead a mask and a beautiful dress and glass high hells. and she ridden on a pony to the ball and As she got ready she went and get John.

Then the ridden on the pony to the ball so when they got there they put on there mask and went inside. So when she arrived a beautiful prince came up to her and asked her if she wanted to dance with him. Then she went up and danced with him and then they went out side. 

They danced with until the clock tick and the long hand was on 12 so she ran and dropped her glass shoe .On the last bit Ashley got married to the prince and had her dads home and John got married to a beautiful girl who was very pretty. The end

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